Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Baseball, Sports Bars, And Other Things That Suck

Over to the right is Toni Braxton's sister. A couple thoughts: 1. I didn't know she had that much body. That bikini-type contraption is holding on for dear life. 2. I didn't know she was stupid enough to think that wearing that in public was kosher. But, you know, I would like to see more.


Why no love from you guys for soccer, golf, track, ping pong, poker, horse racing, hockey, mma etc :-)? If it's football, tennis or basketball, then it gets no play.

Da Realist:

I can't talk about things i don't know about. I don't watch any of those sports, except gold (majors). We COULD talk a little more baseball, though. ;-)

By the way, i added another notch on my quest to visit all the baseball parks. i went to miller park in milwaukee over the weekend.

See I'm like that with baseball. I only follow it when the playoffs and/or the World Series comes on. Otherwise to watch a regular MLB game on TV is boring to me. My grandfather's a HUGE Dodgers fan and when I was growing up every year my family would meet my grandmother and him in Atlanta (the old Fulton County stadium) to watch his precious Dodgers. One time he took my dad and me to a game when I was young. After the game, he asked me what I thought about baseball now that I have seen it in person and I said "The hot dogs are great!" he wasnt happy about my response :-)

Now I do like watching baseball in person at stadiums and I have gotten to see a few milestones ('02 when Bonds tied McGwire in Houston, I was there). I even like the parks and the atmosphere. but to watch a game on Fox on a Sat, hell naw, I'm seeing what edited movie is playing on TBS, TNT, USA or F/X instead.

But I do know that the Red Sox and Angels are killing in the AL, the Yankees are making a run, and the NL is a joke right now with all the parity.

Da Realist:

Actually going to a game is 10 times better than watching it on tv. not even close. In fact, i didn't even like baseball that much until we had a team outing at turner field in atlanta. way up there in the nosebleeds (best seats in the house at ANY baseball park -- and the least expensive too) i looked around...had a bird's eye view of the field and a wonderful view of downtown atlanta's skyline, i thought to myself, "hey. This is kinda cool".

Atlanta gets a little boring in the summer time so whenever i needed something to do, i would pay $5 for a ticket and $8 to park and have something to do for about 3.5 hours. The more we went to the games, the more we started actually paying attention to what was happening on the field.

Each park is a different experience -- different foods, different views, different fans, etc. we've now been to 7 parks together (braves, reds, cubs, brewers, mets, phillies, orioles). Hoping to add the pirates and nationals (when they get their new ballpark) next year.

So far, the best experience BY FAR is going to a baltimore orioles game. People to grill, cook or barbeque food outside the stadium and the orioles allow people to bring them inside the stadium. GOOD food. bbq sandwiches, ribs, brats, smoked sausages, pork&beans, etc. All cooked in front of you and sold at discounted prices. Not that "stadium food" at most parks. water is a dollar. sprite is a dollar. Bring a bag and take all that with you to the stadium. You wait until you're inside and you're gonna pay 3 times as much. And the park is beautiful, set in downtown Baltimore. Within walking distance of the best that baltimore has to offer -- seafood and italian restaurants, Baltimore aquarium, Maryland science museum, ESPNZone (for you, Waldini), Chesapeake bay. It's real nice. The Nationals are gonna have to pull something out of their asses to top it.


You know I have a love/hate with ESPNZone. I only love going there to watch games b/c they have so many going on at once. But I hate the food and the drinks are way ovverpriced. Fox Sports Grill is like that too. I prefer the local spots but no one seems to know where to check out a barrage of games in one setting whenever I come to their respective town

Da Realist:

The food at most sports bars suck. People who like sports will apparently eat anything. if espn had great food, i would just buy property around 11th & E and just use it as my extended living room. But having great food where we gather to watch sports just makes too much sense.


You know what makes me mad about those places. Is when they decide they want to charge you to come watch stuff and force you also to purchase that same crappy food. I did it twice, ironically for the Lakers (in '00 and in 01). But now I just say, I rather cook up something I like and watch it for free en mi casa.

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