Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

(Yeah the pic has nothing to do with sports, but for some reason I find it hilarious that George Lucas is banging a black chick. Insert lightsaber joke here____)


1. Football - Both my Tenn teams won so I'm happy this week. Granted one struggled to beat a patsy and the other got lucky in an upset, it still registers as a W. Plus ND continues to lose, a lot of so called cupcakes are winning at the big boys' home (I see you S. Fla) and we have the makings of a crazy college football season. Suicide watch is officially on in Ann Arbor

2. Tennis - Venus went down, but not without a fight. She played beautifully on occasion, then made some mental errors that boggled the mine. And of course TMF just inched 2 steps closer to immortality. I'm hoping he ties Pretty Pete with his first French Open title in '08

3. Basketball - Zen Master gets inducted over the wknd and takes time to publicly clown his employer. Anybody who can sleep with his boss' daughter AND clown him in public w/o getting fired, gets my vote for pimp of the year. Hate hate hate

4. Soccer - I know you trics dont care but so what?? Freddy Adu shuns MLS to play overseas but finds time to lead the US Under 17 squad in world cup play. He's a beast and he just needs a hug to feel loved in the states

Just my thoughts, just my thoughts

Gangsta D:

Obviously, I was just slightly off in my Miami-OU prediction. Needless to say, I was humbled. We just couldn't tackle, couldn't pressure the QB, and looked like we were running in quicksand. But I LOVED the fake FG. Coker wouldn't have the balls to do that down 21-3 on the road. We'll be all right...if Kyle starts. When he came in the game, a calm came over me. He wasn't spetacular, but he moved the team. He looked comfortable in the pocket, and made good decisions. He HAS to start the rest of the year. He gives us the best chance.

The Cowboys offense is ridiculous. The Cowboy defense is also ridiculous, but for different reasons. TO, Romo, and Witten are gonna have BEASTLY years if they continue to pick up the defense's slack.

Too bad Justine Henin isn't cute. Maybe she would take away some of Sharapova's money. Since, you know, she's 10 times the player.

Da Realist:

Tennis -- "Venus went down, but not without a fight"

she still lost in straight sets. i think we all need to recognize justine henin. the girl has 7 titles (one more than venus, one less than serena). she beat serena 3 straight times in 3 different majors -- all played on different surfaces. wimbledon and the us open are her two weaker surfaces, yet she still managed to beat both williams sisters (serena more than once). she won both the french and the us open without dropping a set. she is undisputedly the best women's player right now. it's no longer about venus playing hard or serena playing hurt. justine just kicked their asses, no excuses.

oh, and federer? 10 straight grand slam finals appearances, 3 straight years where he won 3 slams. the most complete player the game has ever seen. EVER.

Football -- we're horrible this year. we'll be lucky to win 6. in fact, if we win 6 games with our schedule i'll dance naked on my balcony. nothing else matters to me right now.

Basketball -- YAWN

Soccer -- ZZZZZZ


PrimeTyme said...

OU's defense was tougher than I thought. Freeman looked lost every time he dropped back. Don't really know why the coaches went back to him. Guess they figured Wright would be the starter for the next game so no use in getting him hurt. He is prone to the WTF?! game every now and then, but gives the 'Canes the best chance to win.

Loved seeing the look in the Auburn stands after that loss in OT. Their offense is on the back of a milk carton.

Bubba Bowden's boys needed a big push to come back on UAB at home. Are the Charlie Ward and Derrick Brooks days that long ago? I am old.

The Anoited One and the Gators v. Tennessee. Finally a legit opponent. Bring back the old days of watching the games in the Chimney Rock apts.

Ol' Ball coach won with Def, on the road, against the Dawgs, with the 'Cocks. Yeah, I'm sure the folks in Athens love him more than ever.

Gangsta D said...

I'd love nothing more than to see Tebow eat turf at the hands of the Vols, but UF has as much speed as Cal if not more. I have a bad feeling, I'll have to wait until they play LSU, to see Jehova get pistol whipped.

PrimeTyme said...
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PrimeTyme said...

I'm sure Fulmer has a bad feeling too (ain't that right, Sean).

UF is my squad, but I can't get mad at the Tebow "HATE". If you listen to some folks, he's already won 3 Heismans. Last time I checked, Leak and Wuerffel were the only Nat. Champ starters. He has a shot at his, but let's have a track record before deification.