Monday, September 17, 2007

S(h)ittin' On Top Of The World


(1) Sat, my Vols got taken to behind the woodshed and got a Cobra Kai No Mercy beatdown. Completely demoralizing considering they just laid down in the 2nd half. Is Tebow really that good? Prbly wont find out until they play LSU. But he looked damn good on Sat.

(2) Sun, my Titans lose a heartbreaker at home. They were hanging in there but made a TON of mistakes at the end. Cant be dropping passes (Bobby Jones) when the game is on the line and you're driving.

(3) The ultimate in sports downer. I got temporarily banned from having TC watch my favorite teams play b/c I was dropping f-bombs left and right on Sat. I couldnt help it, it's hereditary. My mom used to "Shit Sean oops I mean Shoot Sean" it seemed like everytime I really pissed
her off. I couldnt help, Fulmer, Ainge, Cutcliffe, etc made so fucking er I mean friggin mad on Sat. And then on Sun, I had the boy in his Titans onesie. I'm on the phone talking to Ty Bonner, I look over in the chair to check on Tyler and what do I see on the side of his leg. One of
the nastiest stools Mother nature had produced. This lil sucka decided his diaper wasnt big enough for the funk in his trunk. The sad part was I was more made he jacked up my Titans joint more than having to spend an hr cleaning him up, the chair, and his mess :-0

I saw other things but it didnt matter. I'm still down from the wknd....

Gangsta D:

I that's TC's way of saying you can't force him to be a Titans fan. F**k yo team!!

The thing with Tebow is this, no one forces him to read the defense. He just sits in the pocket and throws to an open space. I didn't see the whole game, but it didn't look like UT was changing up their defensive alignment too much. You have to show blitz and back off, blitz out of base personnell, disguise coverages. If you play him straight up, all he has to do is throw the ball up to one of his multiple 4.3 guys. Unfortunately, he's moved into the Heisman conversation. God, I'm gonna be nauseous.

The Canes are pretty average this year. That's OK, because we sucked last year. At least we're making some strides on offense. Kyle threw for over 200 yards, including a 80 yard bomb that almost stopped my heart. Has to be the first deep past he's completed in two years. We play Texas A&M on Thursday, and if we win we should get some Top 25 votes. Yes, I'm begging for Top 25 votes. But brighter days are ahead.

The Cowboys are the class of the NFC. Can we all agree on that? The defense is horrible, but NOBODY is gonna stop the offense. We weren't even on our game yesterday and still put up 37. I can't wait until we play the Pats in October. Hopefully, both teams will be undefeated. That may rival UF-LSU as the game of the year. OK, maybe not. But it will be big.

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PrimeTyme said...

Yeah Sean...TC must have been just as digusted with the weekend as you were. You sounded amazed on the phone, but I didn't realize he laid it down that hard.