Monday, September 17, 2007

The Official Top Five

Da Realist:

I know it's early. Way early. But just for kicks let's post our top 5. And name one dark horse that can bust everything up.

1) USC - They have such a methodical way of dispatching their opponents. No emotion...almost casual. They walked into nebraska "federer-ed" them.

2) LSU - They are talented, but I have to see more. How good is virginia tech? Plus they were at home. I'll leave them at 2 for now.

3) UF - They demolished UT. UT is overrated, but 59 is 59.

4) Oklahoma - They looked good beating Miami at home, but how good is Miami? And they won't really get a chance to prove themselves because yet again the Big 12 sucks.

5) Penn State -- Only because I haven't seen West Virginia play anybody yet (Maryland doesn't count). Then again, I haven't seen PSU play anybody either (Notre Dame REALLY doesn't count). Scratch it -- No. 5 is a pickem.

oh...and my darkhorse is ARKANSAS. Anytime you are as one-dimensional as they are and STILL wear down a very athletic Crimson Tide team running it down their throat, you have to be pretty darn good. on the road at that! And if not for that bogus interference call at the end, they would have won this game. They were down 31-10! unbelievable. Still can't believe it.

Their last game of the season is LSU. Think about that. LSU has to play Arkansas, at Alabama and Florida, in addition to Kentucky and Auburn. If they go undefeated they shouldn't even have to play in a bowl game. Just give them the trophy in December.

Gangsta D:

1. UF - Defending national champs. Destroying everything in their wake. You have no idea how annoyed I am to write this.

2. USC - Defense appears to be the truth and the offense is coming around. Did you see the kickoff where the 'SC returner fumbled the ball, but a LB picked it up and ran 50 yards? Pete Carroll's deal with the Devil has to come due some time soon doesn't it?

3. LSU - Special defense, but I'm waiting for Matt Flynn to put up numbers against a good defense. Va Tech is overrated.

4. OK - Apparently can't be stopped on offense and they have a faster than I expected defense. Texas won't test them. Probably won't find out how good they are until their bowl game.

5. WVU - That running game is sick. Noel Devine is ridiculous. He's gonna run for a 1000 yards on about 150 carries.

Darkhorse Kentucky - What the hay? Andre Woodson can put points on the board. Louisville has no defense, but it was a big game and he didn't get rattled.

Da Realist:

You're sold on Kentucky aren't you? Think they can beat any of the big boys in their conference?
Gangsta D:

Sold may be too strong a word, but they definitely impressed me. They could've given up when Louisville came back. They had a big 15 yard penalty to set them back with :39 seconds to go in the game, and they get a TD to win it. They can't beat UF. But they can beat UGA, Scar, Auburn, UT, and Ala. I don't think they're run defense can stop Ark, but a 9 win season will do just fine in Lexington:)


1. LSU - One week, only the defense shows up and they post 45. The next week both the O and D meet and it's over in the first quarter. Va Tech's defense is legit and they got posterized. Agree with Realist, they go through the SEC undefeated, just hand them the trophy now. They get most of their tough tests in Death Valley

2. USC - The media complains about them not being flashy but who cares, they get the job done. Nebraska didnt realize they were playing USC and not WF until when it was garbage time. But who cares, they are legit. I cannot wait until they play Cal and Ore, assuming those teams continue to do their thing.

3. F***in Gators

4. West Va. - Pick your poision btw White, Slaton, and now Devine. I know they havent faced the stiffest competition AND that defense is very suspect. But would you want to get into a shootout with these guys. They got 3 legit playmakers that can bring you back into a game. And none of them graduate this year!

5. Oklahoma - By default. They havent played anyone, the Big 12 is complete garbage, and they prbly will lose in their BCS game when they face a real opponent.

Darkhorse - Rutgers. They have a solid team. Good RB (Ray Rice), Good coaching (Schiano), and a very legit Defense. It will be interesting when they play West Va.


Anonymous said...

here are mine
1. UF
3. F**kn USC
5 OK...hate them they beat my boys
and Darkhorse..Hawaii(only because one my former kids from my Youth Center plays on the squad..Malcom Lane is the truth)

Signal to Noise said...

Right now:

1) LSU
2) fucking Oklahoma
3) USC
4) UF
5) West Fuckin' Virginia

I know much of Nebraska's point total was Callahan running his starters out against USC's third stringers, but I want to see Carroll go for the jugular again.

And D, I said it before and I'll say it again: Pete screwed the devil over in that deal.

Danny Mac said...

No Dark Horse in BC- they look pretty damn impressive in wins over WF and GTech...

PrimeTyme said...

1. USC - went on the road and dominated a ranked opponent with ease
2. LSU - all their tough games in Baton Rouge; finding the endzone against them has been impossible up to now
3. UF - offense is on point; need to see how they do in a hostile environment
4. OU - will likely run through a weak Big 12 with no tests
5. No one really sticks out for me, so West virginia will occupy this spot for now. I could see them losing to USF or Rutgers.