Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Will They Reminisce Over You, My God

Gangsta D:

Is Mike chiefin' or just drunk? lol

Da Realist:

Speaking of basketball... i got in late last night from class and couldn't sleep so i turned on the lakers/kings game 4. LOL... if it makes you feel better, that horry shot was like a dagger in the heart in 2002. there are few times in life as a sports fan that you feel that kind of gutcheck. we can take losses, but very few of them provide the kind of sting i'm talking about. this robert horry shot was one of them. wow... and i wasn't even a kings fan! i can laugh about it now, but i was definitely not in the best mood that day. :-)

I can think of a few right off the top of my head that hurt as much or more...

Miami vs florida state 2000

Miami vs florida state 2002

Reggie's shot in game 4 of 1998 eastern conference finals

Marat safin beating sampras like a drum in 2000 us open finals

Lleyton hewitt beating sampras like a drum in 2001 us open finals

49'ers beating the bears in the 89 NFC championship game (of course, i understand now... but back then i was 12. it was south pole weather and i didn't believe this sunshine team with their pretty boy quarterback and their passing offense was going to come to Chicago and win like that)

I could think of a few others if i had time. the point is, once you step back a little bit, you realize that it's these lows and the highs of sports that forces us to watch. last night was my first time watching that game without feeling like ripping open both of your throats. :-) see, we can be civilized.


lmao, were we that bad? :-)

I remember watching Game 4 at my in-laws house w/my father-in-law, wifey, wifey's cousin, and myself watching the game. My cousin was a HUGE laker hater and was talking mad shit throughout the game. And of course, I can't say much b/c the Lakers are getting spanked by 24 in the 1st half. But I tell you what, when Horry hit that 3, I never jumped that high in my life. If it wasnt for the fact we were at my in-laws, I would have used some better words than Gee golly whiz, would you look at that. Woulda been more like Shut that shit up trick and bow the eff down :-).

I never got as much up for a series than that one. I mean by this point, there were a lot of Laker haters and people hated to watch games with me. I didn't care, if you talk shit, you should expect me to talk shit back. All in fun, but I did get a lot of pleasure sending out that email w/Gangsta after that series ended.

When I watch these games, I think more about the teams I really hated and wanted my teams to beat more than anything

The Spurrier led Florida Gators

The late 90s-early 00s Baltimore Ravens

The early 00s Sacramento Kings

The 80s Celtics

Gangsta D:

The crazy thing is, I never saw it live. I was driving to ATL while the game was on. I kept trying to find sports stations to get updates on the score, but when I heard we were down by 20 I just gave up hope. After the Game 3 debacle, I thought we might be entering into a new era. I thought we were too old to compete. So I get to ATL and head to Jay's
apartment. He's not there, but his girl lets me in. We chat for a minute, then Jay comes in HEATED. He's mad pissed at Horry, and I'm like "Wha happened?" Then he tells me, and I think I screamed like a girl. It's amazing the number of gut wrenching games we've been on the winning side of.

Da Realist:

Da Wife didn't see it either. She was driving back from her mom's in mobile. So as she's driving, I'm calling her with all the updates. I'm crowing and puffing all game long. Then she goes out of cell range for about 30 minutes. She called back half a second after horry shot went in. I was just devastated. I kept watching the replay to see if he got the shot off in time. I simply told her the lakers won (without telling her how). She kept asking all these questions (how?? You just said... weren't they up by 20???) Without answering, got off the phone. My day was ruined.

Gangsta D:

YES!!! Those are the stories I love to hear! lol

Da Realist:

Well...i felt a little better after game 5. ;-)


That game pissed me off b/c none of the laker PGs could guard Bibby to save their life. They forced Kobe to expend more energy defending him and trying to put points on the board. Throw in some shaky officiating and you have a Kings W. I actually plan to watch that game when i get home tonight, even though it's just going to piss me off all over again :-)

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