Thursday, October 04, 2007

Who You Got? (Thursday Edition)


Yours Truly 18-12
Osceola 18-12
Smokey 15-15

Gangsta D:

I had no idea that Kentucky played South Cack tonight.

Kentucky vs Scar

I think we can all say, for certain, that Andre Woodson is the truth. No he hasn't faced a top 10 defense, but he's been killing whoever has been put in front of him. Kentucky is for real. The offense is for real. Defense? That's another story. The Cocks have a pretty good defense, but the offense isn't dynamic in the least. Plus, their starting QB is named Smelley. Gotta believe that Woodson will make more plays against a strong defense than Smelley will against a weak one. Kentucky in a SQUEEKA!

Da Realist:

Is this a throw-away pickem or does it count towards the totals?

Gangsta D:

Oh it counts. Along with FL/LSU, IL/Wisc, UGA/UT, Clemson/Tech, and OU/Tex. The Notre Dame Suicide Watch won't go toward official totals.

Da Realist:

I'm gonna go with South Carolina on this one. I think their defense slows Kentucky down just enough. SOUTH CAROLINA


Since I'm trailing, I gotta take the 'Cocks. C'mon Danny Smelley, you gotta make believe Spurrier was right in replacing Blake Dean with you....

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