Friday, November 16, 2007

Old School Friday - Happy People

We're taking happy pills today at The Commission. For whatever reasons, the joints this week just make me happy. A smile creeps across my face. My head starts to nod. My hands go in the air. And most importantly, I think back to the good ole days. They just make me feel good. Hopefully, you'll feel the same. This weekend, do a few situps. Thanksgiving is next week, so you may need to create a little room for the festivities. But yeah, you can still drink though!

Chubb Rock - Just The Two Of Us

"I'm gonna kick a little, not a Dr. Suess Riddle..." This was my joint back in 9th grade. Back then, it really was all so simple Rae. I just love the energy of the video. Letting the Que's and Nupes represent was an inspired choice. Also, check out Elise Neal's cameo as a dancer. I think she classes up just about anything.

Busta Rhymes - Woo Ha! (Got You In Check)

"Busta's got a solo album coming out? Busta? For real?" OK, so I was skeptical upon hearing the news of his solo status. Leaders was a cool group, but I didn't know if BussaBuss could hold it down by himself. Twelve years later, it would appear that my calculations were a tad off. And oh yeah, try not to break your neck while viewing.

Naughty By Nature - Feel Me Flow

This song brings back so many good feelings. It was the summer after Freshman year, and all I did all day was watch videos and play Nintendo. Ya'll remember MTV's Summer Beach House? I know the fellas remember Idalis. '95 was really the last summer where I basically just chilled and had zero worries. Damn that was fun.

Digital Underground - Kiss You Back

"Freak me girl and I'll freak you back."Damn, if this song doesn't make you wanna go out and plant a fat wet one on the first person you see, then you're just a pinko commie bastard. By the way, anyone know who the honey with the light eyes and short haircut is? I'd like to give her the chocolate crossover. Wait, that sounds way dirtier than I had intended. Rather, I'd like to watch the sunrise with her. There, much better.

Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours

"Engine engine number 9. On the New York transit line."
If you can't fully appreciate the power that these words hold, then there's nothing I can do for you.

Big Pun feat Joe - Still Not A Player

"Boriqua. Morena. Boriqua. Morena." I remember being in Key West, drunker than a drunk-ass drunk, dancing my ass off to this song. Well, at least I thought I was dancing my ass off. I was probably just dancing my integrity away. I couldn't help it though. This is one of those songs that forces you onto the dance floor, even if your only option is an ugly chick with bad breath. Joe and Pun made it all better.

Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy

Oh Jay Kay. I don't know fucking style of dancing that is pimpin, but keep on keeping on. I guess the spirit moves us in different ways. Even though the arrangement is different from the album version, this song still rocks.


OK, this isn't an old school video. It's not even a real video. But this song is straight up hilarious. This is some truly ignorant shit. And yes, it fo sho made me smile. (Hat tip:Crunk + Disorderly)


stopmikelupica said...

Great calls today. Feel Me Flow was surprisingly fun... too bad it was too little, too late for Naughty.

I do remember Idalis and the summer beach house. It was a natural progression from BET with Rachel on Caribbean Rhythms late night...

Gangsta D said...

Yeah, it's crazy how their career was a wrap just 4 years after OPP was released. Ain't no love in the rap game:)

Man, whatever happened to Rachel? She held it DOWN.

stopmikelupica said...

She did her thing on BET's afternoon show at the time (whatever came before 106 and Park - I can't remember the name, just that it had Old School Wednesdays). I never liked her on that show. She was glossier (more makeup, more highlights) than she was on Caribbean Rhythms. She was wearing evening wear, not swimsuits. And she didn't really know her stuff, and did poor interviews.

But damn she was smoking. She put Idalis to shame, yo! I used to watch Caribbean Rhythms over and over, even though there were only like three different episodes!

Gangsta D said...

I feel a "Where are They Now" post coming on:)

Mizzo said...

Yo do that D...Rachel was the loveliest of lovelies. Goodness.

Anyway, yo bruh don't give the chicks no extra tricks. They already know too much ;)

About to link you up to TSF now. With all this Bonds stuff going on I almost forgot.

Gangsta D said...

Rachel was the truth, no doubt. But Sherry Carter in her prime was no joke either. I think there may be a "Where Are They Now - Women Of BET" post on the horizon. You can't sleep on Madeleine Woods either.

Anonymous said...

there was an episode that madeline woods did where i think she had on like a tan colored body suit type thing and i think from that point on she was THE SHYT!!!!! as a matter of fact I was little and recognized that OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!