Friday, November 16, 2007

Who Ya Got?!?

Picks Update:

Leader 1 40-25
Smokey 32-33
Osceola 30-35

tOSU vs Mich

Gangsta D: Henne and Hart are banged up, and the Wolverines are coming off a tough loss. tOSU is coming off of a humiliating loss. Humiliating because the "#1 Defense" let the Illini run the last 8:00 off the clock. Who bounces back? If Henne and hart were full strength, I'd go with Meechigan. But they're gimpy and Tressel owns Lloyd. "Suckeyes" in a close one.

Waldini: Are Henne and Hart playing? Is this the last time Carr coaches against Ohio St? Does this game mean anything anymore besides a trip to the Rose Bowl? The Illini found the Buckeyes Krpytonite last week, which is a mobile QB and a proper time mgmt. I think Michigan rebounds from a subpar showing to Wisc. WOLVERINES

Da Realist: I don't believe Michigan is healthy enough to beat osu under most circumstances. But this is lloyd's last game against OSU (presumably) and this is the final chance for the seniors to beat "that team down south". I'm going with MEEECHIGAN because i believe in the upset. And i still believe in college football. MICHIGAN

Miami vs VTech

Gangsta D: This is my "I'm Keith Hernandez" pick. Last time we went up there, we shocked them. This time, we'll see. I'll be content as long as we keep fighting. As a whole, I think we have heart. Look at the FSU game. We could've quit then, but we fought. I think last week was an anomaly. Well, I hope.

Waldini: Man that was horrible loss at the Orange Bowl. And some recruits are questioning the current players' hearts??! What is going on in the M-I-A. On the other side, Beamer quietly has his boys in the ACC title chase. Their offense is still a joke but I think that won't matter
this week. HOKIES

Da Realist: Miami doesn't have it this year. They will bounce back with much more effort after giving up last week at home, but VT will see this as their chance to step on the canes neck. And they'll do it. VIRGINIA TECH


Gangsta D: Moreno for President! Seriously, this dude is banging so many white chicks right now it's stupid. Give him the ball 25 times and get out of the way. If the dogs pressure Woodson like they did Tebow, they will walk away with this game. I don't think the Wildcat defense can hang with Georgia's playmakers. Add in the fact that Richt is turning into "Thug Life" and I think the dogs roll.

Waldini: From a personal standpoint, I need Kentucky to win and give my Vols a lil cushion. I still think Georgia is suspect but they keep finding ways to beat quality opponents (see Florida, Auburn). Stafford and Moreno are laying the foundation for some Georgia dominance in a few
years. I still think Woodson is a beast and I cant go against him at home. Even if I dont think they will win :-) WILDCATS

Da Realist: That Florida game marked a distinct difference in the Georgia team than the one that lost to SCarolina earlier this year. This is the best team in the East (Sorry, Tennessee). If only UT will lose one more game, I think Georgia can give LSU a run for the money. I'm going with GEORGIA

ARK vs Fighting Crooms

Gangsta D: Miss St. is bowl eligible, while the Hurricanes are not. What in God's name is the world coming to? I blame this on Bush. No way this happens under Clinton. The Bulldogs' offense is atrocious, but they're defense is actually pretty good. McFadden vs the Bulldog D will
be a good matchup. I think the Hawgs pull it out with Humanity Advanced leading the way.

Waldini: Wow, who would ever think this game would be on this list let alone carry some major implications behind it. No need to explain, I think Arkansas wins. RAZORBACKS

Da Realist: It's at Fayetteville and the hawgs will find a way to get their running game going again. ARKANSAS

BC vs Clemson

Gangsta D: Clemson has not yet gone down the shithole. I'm surprised. Maybe Tommy Bowden has figured out that the season is 12 games long and not 5. Matty Light has given me the bitter beer face the last couple weeks. I think the trend continues, and the Tigers do the Tiger Walk all over the Eagles.

Waldini: Two words. Clemson wins. Five words. Because BC has been exposed. It's funny b/c BC is doing the exact same tailspin Clemson did last year and Clemson is coming on strong like BC did last yr. TIGERS

Da Realist: CLEMSON

WVU vs Cinn

Gangsta D: Cinncinnatti is good this year and we are not. Once again, this never happened while Clinton was gettin' brain in the Oval Office. As long as nobody spits on Pat White, this thing won't get out of hand. In a close one, the Mountaineers pull it out.



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