Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Who Ya Got?!?

Picks Update:

Leader 1 44-27
Loser 1 34-37
Loser 2 34-37

Gangsta D:

Should we even continue with this slaughter? I'd have to lose every game this week and the Conf Championships just to fall back to a tie. Should I be expecting your concession speeches today?


In a few short words....OH HELL NO I aint quittin.

Gangsta D:

My God. Somebody just likes punishment. You'll notice a trend with my picks. Who's going to go out on that limb?

Da Realist:

I don't remember pounding your balls to the wall the last couple of years, but that's ok. There is always next year, CHAMP.

Gangsta D:

Hey, just because you didn't exercise your God given right to talk trash, doesn't mean I'm gonna refrain. I can take it, and I can dish it out. Oh yeah, can I dish it out:)


Gangsta D: This is a pick 'em. I'm taking the home team. The Trojans' troubles have been apparent all year. ASU isn't a juggernaught, but they come through at home.

Waldini: USC

Da Realist: USC


Gangsta D: I really want FSU to win, but Florida has too many playmakers. Best case scenario is Tebow having a HORRIBLE day, thereby dumping his Heisman chances down the drain. Probably won't happen though.

Waldini: UF

Da Realist: UF

UT vs UK

Gangsta D: A certain Volunteer fan knows that his squad escaped by the enamel of their teeth last week. The up and down Vols go on the road, and we know that bad things happen when they go on the road. Woodson's last home game is a good one, as the Cats gangbang Smokey.

Waldini: UT

Da Realist: UK

UConn vs WVU

Gangsta D: The Mountaineers have a shot at the nat'l title game. The Huskies are the new kids on the block. They're not not yet ready for the big stage. Pat White will probably run for a 60 yd TD in the last minute.

Waldini: WVU

Da Realist: WVU

Mizzou vs KU

Gangsta D: Who would've thought THIS game would be the marquee matchup this weekend? I haven't seen either team play, but Kansas has that '99 Virginia Tech feel to them. Gotta go with the Jayhawks.

Waldini: Mizzou

Da Realist: Kansas

Bama vs Auburn

Gangsta D: After losing to UL Monroe, Saban has GOT to win this game. Alas, he won't. Auburn is just a better team right now. Bama will get better, but just like Mr. Shannon, Mr. Saban is finding out that the "Magicial One-Year Turnaround" is more myth than reality.

Waldini: Auburn

Da Realist: Auburn

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JDubb said...

I will have to get on the prediction when yall start talking about NCAA BBall
I am still bumming out on the state of Florida sports