Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Schwam Goes Off!

Gangsta D:

Damn Chris. How do you really feel?

Wow. Oh yeah, wow. I think he said Jesus more often in a minute and a half than T.D. Jakes said in his entire sermon last Sunday:)

Da Realist:

That was funny as hell. I'm not gonna bust his balls though. Sometimes a man gets frustrated. That sounds like me sometimes i gotta admit. I come home after a long day and my precious daughter still thinks she's at daycare. She's yelling, screaming and jumping on everything like she has no sense. I try to take a nap. Da Wife casually tells her to be quiet 1000 times while Da Kid happily ignores her 1000 times. When I bust out of the room this is what I sound like. :-D You could hear a mouse yawn for the next 2 hours.

Gangsta D:

Oh man, I would pay to see that:)

Yeah, people give Berman a lot of crap but I could see how he could get frustrated. I had to snap on a dude in college once, during senior year, and everybody was like "Damn, did you hear about D going off on dude?" Sometimes you just can't help it, especially if it has to do with your job.

Da Realist:

It's normal. I couldn't tell you all the things I heard come out of my (deacon) father's mouth growing up. What i don't like is the self-righteous type that will try to get people fired or embarassed for things like this. I don't advocate cursing your co-workers out by any means, but sometimes it pays to have a little understanding.

Gangsta D:

True. Trying to get someone fired is douchebaggish. But you do need to let people know what the deal is sometimes. My boss cusses people out on the regular. I've heard curse word combinations I hadn't dreamed of until I started working here:)

Hat tip: Deadspin


JC said...

Joel Osteen cancels his ESPN Insider subscription in 5...4...3...2...

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