Thursday, April 17, 2008

Who Ya Got?: NBA Playoffs Edition (Eastern Conference)

Boston vs Atlanta

Gangsta D: If Josh Smith...if Joe Johnson...if Mike out of their collective minds, they might force Game 5. Otherwise it's pretty much a wrap, and this series could turn BRUTAL real quick. C's sweep.

Waldini: I'm mad you gave this a paragraph :-). Celtics in 4

Da Realist: [Both teams suck]*

Detrois vs Philly

Gangsta D: Very intriguing matchup. Philly came out of nowhere to become a decent team, while the Pistons did their usual regular season coasting. The difference now, is that they actually have a decent bench. Whether Flip uses them is a different story. I think the Pistons sleepwalk through this one, and let the 6'ers hang around a little. Detrois in 6.

Waldini: The Sixers have quietly been doing their thing for the past 3 months. I still don't think the new Philly AI is a max franchise player but he is fun to watch in the open court. They played Detroit tough in the regular season. But this is the postseason and I hope for the first time since the '04 playoffs, the Pistons actually beatdown lesser opponents like they are supposed to. Pistons in 5

Da Realist: [Neither team is worth a squirt of piss in a bucket]

Orlando vs Toronto

Gangsta D: I don't know much about either team, other than the Magic LOVE to shoot 3's and no one in the Canadian Army[do they have one?] can stop Dwight Howard. The Raps have faded down the stretch, so momentum is not on their side. Magic in 6.

Waldini: Two young stars in Howard and Bosh, very little or no playoff experience for both teams, one team has better guard play (Toronto), the other has better frontcourt play (Orlando). I would give you an X factor player but I can't name more than 6 players total on both teams. Magic in 6

Da Realist: [I'd rather clean gutters than watch these two teams]

Cavs vs Wiz

Gangsta D: Gil appears to be healthy. Bron is probably not. DeShawn has been talking smack. Bron doesn't really have to. But he will have to carry this team on his spasmodic back, which will be difficult. The Wiz have revenge in their eyes, and not a trace of fear in their hearts. The Cavs have looked horrible at times since The Trade, and will rely on Bron getting 35/10/10 to advance. He can do it, but it still may not be enough. This should be the most entertaining EC series, by far. Wiz in 7.

Waldini: Aw, the Eastern Conference 1st round series I want to see. Agent Zero and DeShawn have indeed been stirring the hornets' nest in Cle. You're right, that trade was horrible when it was announced and the past few weeks didn't change that. Sasha's their best perimeter defender and he's out until further notice. Bron's ailing back isn't helping either and he's gotta go da eff in EVERY game for Cle to win. He could prove me wrong. Wizards in 6

Da Realist: [I don't have a bag big enough to contain the amount of suck inherent in this series]

*Realist feels the NBA...lacks quality this season.

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