Thursday, April 17, 2008

Who Ya Got?: NBA Playoffs Edition (Western Conference)

LA vs Denver

Gangsta D: Denver can score, obviously, but can't[won't] play a lick of defense. If the Lakers shoot 30 threes a game, instead of pounding inside, Denver will hang around. If they handle their business, it's a wrap, and not even close. Lakeshow in 5

Waldini: Denver's got the offense but no defense. Lakers' defense isn't the greatest but for this series, it doesn't have to be. I'll give Denver a game for AI's heart. Lakers in 5

Da Realist: [How do you say Kobe eats a fat one Serbian?] *

NOLA vs Mavs

Gangsta D: This one I'm torn on. CP3 will DESTROY Kidd. The Hornets are on a mystical magical carpet ride, but is the ride about to come to a crashing halt? Dallas has been playing well of late, and Dirk has hit some big shots. The Hornets have some playoff experience, but are they gonna lean on Bonzi and Peja for guidance? Didn't think so. The Hornets will be a threat for years to come, but they bow out early this year. Mavs in 7

Waldini: One of the 2 WC 1st rd series I want to see. True, NO does have players with playoff experience but one of them is Mr April himself, Peja. It would be easy to pick Dallas b/c of this but I'm still not sold on Dirk being courageous for playing on a sprained ankle. Bottom line, he curled up big time in '06 and '07. Interesting series. Hornets in 7

Da Realist: [I'd rather watch "The Birdman" smoke a bowl, while Flavor Flav clips his toenails, then watch this travesty]

Suns vs Spurs

Gangsta D: Wow. Either Shaq or Duncan will be fishing before Memorial Day this year. Marinate on that one:) There's still plenty of enmity between these two teams, and it may be the most hard fought 1st round series. It's really a toss up for me. I have no idea who wins. If Manu is healthy, maybe the Spurs have the edge. On the other hand, the Spurs have no answer for STAT. Suns in 7

Waldini: The other WC 1st rd series I want to see. Shaq vs Duncan, Nash vs Parker, I expect a physical series again. Doubt there will be any hip check incidents like last year. Steve Kerr is about to find out if he is indeed an idiot or a genius. I tend to go with the former. Spurs in 6.

Realist: [I'm running out of ways of intimating that this shit sucks. How about...this shit sucks.]

Houston vs Utah

Gangsta D: Utah does NOT have homecourt advantage, even though they're the higher seed. They are physically incapable of beating good teams on the road. Houston plays tough defense and McGrady does enough to finally get past the first round. Rockets in 7

Waldini: The Jazz need HC advantage in every series but this one to have a chance. Who starts for Alston since he's out the first 2 games? Who's going to pick up the offensive slack besides T-Mac? This same matchup happened in the first round last year with Houston also having HC (and a healthy Yao). And Houston still lost in 7 at home. Utah wins, just can't figure out if it's 6 or 7 games. What the hell, Jazz in 7

Da Realist: [Do I have to say how much you suck when your season depends on Skip To My Lou being healthy? Didn't think so.]

*Realist continues his boycott against this bullshit we call the NBA playoffs.

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