Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Favorite Playoff Moments - 1994 Pippen's Dunk on Ewing

Ok I was one of the few jabronis who thought Scottie Pippen was just ok when he first became an All-Star. I thought he was riding Jordan's coattails and he was soft for the infamous migraine game. My dad kept telling me that Pippen was the truth and one of the best all around players in the game at that point. I thought Pops was crazy but then again, I also thought my father couldn't play ball (another story but long story short, took me 3 long years to beat a 40 plus year old man).

The '94 season completely changed my impression of Pip. He was da man during Jordan's "retirement". I actually thought he deserved MVP over Dream b/c no one expected the Bulls to win, let alone 57 games. I was rooting hard for them to beat NY and even though Hue Hollins royally screwed them, I always will have this great memory of Pippen serving Patrick "Sultan of Sweat" Ewing a facial and standing over him after he did it. Oooh it gives me goosebumps

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