Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Leaders Of The New School - Wale

Today is Part II of our Leaders Of The New School feature, where we profile one of Paste Magazine's 25 Next Best Artists. Who's up for the scrutiny today? Wale, of course.


"This young MC has rapped over justice (on W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.), created a mixtape inspired by Seinfeld (called The Mixtape About Nothing, natch) sold out shows in multiple cities and signed a production deal with Mark Ronson's Allido Records."

Wale (pronounced wah-lay) Folarin, born in Nigeria but currently hailing from DC, is definitely a cat I'm going to keep an eye on henceforth. He's been compared to Kanye, but then again any rapper that's not on a thug tip appears to be compared to 'Ye. I'd rather not go that route, because it takes the focus off of Wale and this cat deserves his shine. Clever lyrics, unique flow, nice beats, and "Larry Merchant" references will put you in my good book every time. Plus, you have to love a rapper who gathers inspiration from Seinfeld. That's pretty gangsta.

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Great Waldini said...

Wale's stuff is pretty hot. The only ding I gave him was his guest verse on the Roots' Rising Up cut. That "some good rappers ain't eating, they Olsen inning..."

Nawwww joe