Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bad Kicks, Worse Raps, Great Rivalry

On Saturday, two former College Football behemoths will collide once again on the gridiron. FSU travels to South Forida to take on my beloved Hurricanes. Nope, these teams aren't as they used to be when they held sway over CFB in the 80's & 90's. Nevertheless, the games are usually tight and often decided by a FG...which is usually missed by a Florida State kicker.

The games weren't always close though. Since I'm a bit of an old school junkie, I dug in the crates and pulled out a gem. The Seminole Rap. Back in '88, the 'Noles were coming off a 1-loss season and were bringing virtually everyone back. Consequently, they were considered the preseason #1 team. The players were so confident in their abilities, that they decided to not only record a braggadocious song but to also shoot a video for it. Have a gander.

Yeah, if you couldn't get through the entire 5 minutes I won't blame you. I've had shits that had more appeal than that monstrosity. Entertaining in an Amy Winehouse sort of way? Yes. Endearing in any respect? Hell no. Now Bobby says that the players came up with the idea when he was in Europe, and there was nothing he could do to stop it upon returning. Riiiight. If you say so, coach.

At any rate, the young Seminoles were feeling themselves a little too much. Steve Walsh and Co. came out of the tunnel and proceeded to beat the fucking breaks off of FSU. It was a curb stomping that would've made Derek Vinyard proud. The ultimate irony, nevertheless, is that FSU kept their mouths shut in '89 and actually beat Miami. Unfortunately they lost to some guy named Frvruh, or something like that, and Miami won the national title anyway.

FSU would ultimately get their revenge in '93. They beat my beloved 'Canes and FINALLY won Bobby a national title. At the time, I even felt a little twinge of joy for the old coot. Because even though I'm a huge Miami homer, I actually respect the Noles. They don't bring forth the piss, bile, and pure hatred that the Gators manage to conjure. No, I can tolerate the Noles just fine. To be honest, I think college football is just a wee bit better when both teams are good. I just want the The U's good to be a little better. Either that, or FSU's kickers to be a little worse.


Anonymous said...

This is easily the best song ever made. Strong as bulls - eat steel for lunch - if you don't like this song you are a chump.

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