Friday, October 03, 2008

Who Ya Got?!?

Ole Miss vs S. Cack

Waldini: If this were early Sept, I'd say slam dunk Spurrier, Smelley, Garcia, etc win this. But Nutt and one-time UT wunderkind Jevan Snead are making this happen in the SEC West. OLE MISS

Gangsta D: Here's the thing about Houston Nutt teams. They can pull off a big upset one week, then look like absolute dogshit the next. Of course, the Cocks have looked like dogshit every week, so there's that. I guess I have to go with the Rebs, but I wouldn't be surprised if Spurrier pulled this one out.

Realist: Ole Miss

Oregon vs USC

Waldini: They're at home and they should be fighting mad. MEN OF TROY

Gangsta D: Trojans. They will have had 10 days to steam over that loss. Oregon has a trumpet player at QB, so many of them have gone down. I think it gets ugly quick.

Realist: USC

tOSU vs 'Sconsin

Waldini: Wells is still banged up and as much hype Pryor got, they still aren't destroying lesser opponents. Bounce back game for Wisconsin. WISCONSIN

Gangsta D: Neither of these teams impress me. Badgers in a close one.

Realist: Tough loss at Michigan last week. They won't let this one get away at home. Wisconsin

AU vs Vandy

Waldini: this is a trap game. I want to pick Vandy b/c they are undefeated. I want to pick Vandy cuz College gameday is broadcasting live from there for the first time ever. But it's Vandy, the perennial academic juggernaut but also constant cellar dweller. I won't be mad if they prove me wrong. AUBURN

Gangsta D: It's the year of the eggheads. If Vandy AND Duke go to bowl games this year, I'm setting all kinds of shit on fire. Car, computer, couch, shoes, er'ething. Still, I got to believe Auburn's pure talent will get them the win.

Realist: Auburn. Mostly because Vandy hasn't beaten Auburn since the 50's.

Duke vs G-Tech

Waldini: This ain't Virginia. If David Cutcliffe continues this success, it wouldn't shock me if he replaced Fulmer next year LOL. GA. TECH

Gangsta D: Duke is two years away from being mediocre. Tech is already there, so I gotta give them the nod. But this game will be uncomfortably close.

Realist: Georgia Tech

FSU vs Miami

Waldini: Was it that long ago, this was THE game of the college football season. Times are tough. MIAMI

Gangsta D: Even though we are 2-2, I have such a good feeling about this team. I just feel like they are sooo close to doing some damage. Next year, I expect full on beast mode. But we got some growing pains to get through. Miami wins in a squeaker...again. I expect sloppy, explosive, and bewilderment(Bowden).

Realist: I just don't believe in the Nole offense. The defense is solid but we're playing hot potato at the QB position. This ain't the Orange Bowl (RIP) but I still can't pick them this year on the road. Miami

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