Friday, September 26, 2008

Who Ya Got?!?

Me 15-9
Waldini 17-7
Realist 14-10

Bama vs UGA

Waldini: Is Alabama for real? We'll find out Sat. Nick Satan's up there with Urban Liar and Ole Ball Coach on list of coaches I like to root against. GEORGIA

Gangsta D: I still think Bama is overrated. They just haven't showed me that they are a top 10 team. UGA has the total package now. They can run, throw, catch, and stop the run. Plus they're wearing black on saturday. Dawgs.

Realist: UGA

VT vs NU

Waldini: I haven't seen Nebraska play all year, I know nothing about them. VIRGINIA TECH [Update: Alright Gangsta I am going to change one of my picks....VT vs Braska - NEBRASKA :-) What you thought I was going to change to the Vols. Hell naw....]

Gangsta D: The Hokie offense is atrocious. Tyrod Taylor is NOT the answer. I don't know anything about the Cornhuskers but Bo Pellini can coach defense. So I'm looking at a defensive struggle. And I never take Tyrod Taylor on the road in a defensive game. Braska

Realist: Nebraska


Waldini: I learned my lesson last week. COLORADO

Gangsta D: As I tried to tell Realist last week, the FSU defense looks pretty damn strong. CU's offense doesn't scare me...but Ponder and Richardson do. FSU gets a bounce from playing 2 hours from home, but the Buffs are the better team.
Realist: Colorado


Waldini: Juice ain't enough. PENN ST

Gangsta D: The Juice will be let loose on Joe Pa in an unlikely Big 10 shootout.

Realist: Penn St

UNC vs Miami

Waldini: See FSU vs Colorado. MIAMI

Gangsta D: Come on. Really? Is there a question?

Realist: Miami

UT vs AU

Waldini: Why are you even putting Tenn games on here? AUBURN

Gangsta D: I'm sticking up for Smokey. Auburn hasn't shown me anything this year. The Vols will be playing for Phil's job. Somehow they find a way to pull it out.

Realist: AU

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