Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Essential Tequila

Hey class, who out there likes Tequila? OK yeah, dumb question. Hey, who would like a chance to win $10,000? Another dumb question, you say? How about this one? Have you ever wondered if there were some way to combine Tequila and the chance to win $10,000? Well thanks to our good friends at 1800 Tequila, that reality is about to come true.

Earlier this year 1800® Tequila launched an inspired campaign featuring nine cutting-edge artists it considers to be Essential. These artists and their artwork were featured as part of a national advertising campaign including print, billboards, internet, and radio, and now each piece of artwork is featured on 1800® limited edition tequila bottles, available nationwide in stores now or online.

Now 1800® is on the search for the next essential artists, via an innovative interactive project taking place on . Any aspiring artist or fan can upload their art on a custom 1800® bottle and join the competition to win $10,000 and be featured in a national advertising campaign.

The site allows fans to log in and in 3 simple steps join the competition and also spread the word through a custom artwork widget to embed on their site. Connoisseurs can also view the gallery and vote on the thousands of submissions. Fans can upload up to 5 pieces of art until the contest ends in mid-December.

You can check out the previous winners' artwork at 1800 Tequila. I don't know about you guys, but I think I may break out the Photoshop and upload a couple designs myself.

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