Friday, October 24, 2008

Who Ya Got ?!? (Thursday)

tOSU - Penn St

Waldini: Penn St

Gangsta D: tOSU - God, somehow they win these kinds of games. Makes me ill.

Realist: Penn State

KU - Texas Tech

Waldini: Texas Tech

Gangsta D: Tech - They are on a roll.

Realist: Texas Tech


Waldini: LSU

Gangsta D: UGA - Night game in Death Valley and I'm not picking the Tigers? I promise I haven't been drinking.

Realist: LSU

UT - OK St

Waldini: Texas

Gangsta D: OK St - Three straight huge games in a row. I think the Horns run out of gas. If not, see ya'll in Miami.

Realist: Texas

USC - Zona

Waldini: USC

Gangsta D: USC - La Raza(Sanchez) puts in work.

Realist: USC

FSU - VTech

Waldini: VTech

Gangsta D: FSU - Tech can't score and the Noles' D is pretty good.

Realist: Florida State

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