Monday, October 13, 2008

The Wacky World Of College Football


- The upset tour continues w/Oklahoma, Missouri, LSU, Vanderbilt, and Michigan being the latest victims.

- SEC - In yrs past, a day of UGA-UT, LSU-UF, ARK-AUB would be must see football. But those games were average and not even the best. That went to S Cack-UK and Vandy-MSU. Bizarre indeed...

- Phil Fulmer should be VERY worried, Tommy Tuberville's play still didn't inspire his boys to win, and Rich Rodriguez needs HELP

- Why did the commentators pump up Texas' defense? They kept saying the defense is committed this year, they were great in the OU game etc. Let's clear up some misconception, any defense that gives up 35 points is not great. They made stops when they needed them but great and defense don't add up to Texas.

- Speaking of Big 12, I am officially converted for this season to watch their games. Btwn the OU-UT game and the OSU-Mizzou game, they had game changers. It's a sad day when a SEC homer like me prefers to watch another conference's games

- Can Javon Ringer get some love? Cat is killing folks in the not so mighty Big Ten

- Again, I tell you that Penn St RB is the truth

- Another thing that's annoying me is how the bandwagon is back for USC and pumping up their team for demolishing an overrated Arizona St. Again, if their so great, they don't lose to Oregon St. But what do I know

On a diff note, I went to Fox Sports Grill to watch the OU-UT game, didn't really understand how diehard both fans are. I arrived at game time, the place was already standing room only, depending upon the side the fans were crunk for the entire time. I mean they went apeshit on a 1st and 10 play if their team moved the ball just 5 yrds. Between the Texas fans shouting Boomer bitches and the OU fans chanting Horns Suck, pretty crazy. Oh yea, good ole JR from the WWE was in the bldg. I felt blessed. LOL

Gangsta D:

Aren't you the guy that HATED Big 12 football? I mean, HATED it? lol


Still hate it but I respect it lol. Such a juxtaposition....

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