Friday, October 10, 2008

Who Ya Got?!?

Realist: Ahhh...the kind of Saturday I've been looking for this whole season.


Waldini: Gameday will be at the Dallas Fairgrounds for the game..who cares? Bradford and McCoy are two of the top passers in the country..who cares? Both teams are ranked in the top 5...who cares? And neither has played anyone of importance to date...aha now I care. OU

Gangsta D: It's not November yet, and Texas isn't a suck ass Big 12 team so I gotta go with the Sooners. Sam Bradford is That Dude.

Realist: I'm going against the grain. TEXAS


Waldini: Forget his name but one cat is talking about taking Tebow out of the game. I'm no fan of Timmy's either but it's not like LSU has a QB to brag about either. After watching Auburn struggle, I'm no longer thinking maybe LSU has that magic. UF

Gangsta D: I heard a dude today say that the Gators need to "turn Tebow loose, and let him improvise like he did last year." What? Anyway, the Gator offense looks like it's in suspended animation at times. LSU will always have a great defense. The fact that it's in Gainesville makes me nervous. But Ricky Jean-Francois is looking to send Timmy to the junkyard. Tigers.

Realist: Florida's looked ordinary this season but will put their best foot forward in this game. Florida

Mizzou - OSU

Waldini: I know the Cowboys are quietly putting up points on people. But damn that Mizzou O is sic. What's the WR's name on that team? I dunno but he's fast as hell. Mizzou

Gangsta D: This should be about halftime. Both teams can light it up, but Chase Daniel is "That Dude Squared." Gotta go with old Mizzou.

Realist: Missouri

Penn St. - 'Sconsin

Waldini: Penn St. Their RB is fo real. PENN ST
Gangsta D: I have no idea. Joe Pa has his boys playing on Beastmode. I guess I'll go with the old geezer.

Realist: Wisconsin


Waldini: A game I don't give a rat's ass about (who came up with that line anyway, lol). UNC

Gangsta D: The fact that the Irish is 4-1 and Clausen has gone off the past two weeks, makes me sicker than I was after downing 5 Liquid Cocaines on my birthday. Fuck the Irish. The team, not the race. Tar Heels big.

Realist: North Carolina

S. Cack - UK

Waldini: Kentucky's D is legit. If you don't think so, see the Alabama game. They did what Georgia couldn't do which is contain Bama's offense. UK

Gangsta D: Once again. No idea. Coin flip. Kentucky.

Realist: Kentucky

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