Saturday, December 06, 2008

New School Music - Kanye West Edition

There's been a lot of criticism of Kanye's latest effort. Everyone knows the situation with him and Alexis Phifer and how he used this as a outlet to vent. Difference is he goes the Andre 3000 ala Love below route, opting for mostly singing, very little rapping. Add in him also paying homage to the latest auto tuner King, Mr Rappa Ternt Sainga, and you have 808s and Heartbreak.

Personally, I like the album. Is it his best work? No. Can he sing? Hell no!! Is he creative? Most definitely. And in today's stagnant market, I rather take a chance with someone trying to be different with their material instead of substituting old liquor for new liquor (see Pop Champagne).

Anyway, I picked my 3 favorite tracks off the album to hopefully convince others to come join me on the other side.

Kanye West - Heartless

Track #3 on 808s. And one of the few ones he actually raps. The intro sets a beautiful tone ("How could you be sooo heartless???"). I even included a bonus for you kiddies. The lyrics accompanied with the video.

Kanye West - Paranoid

This song is straight out of a Miami Vice episode. I'm talking the white jacket and pants with a pink tee underneath with the alligators on the feet. But I can't rock the Phillip Michael Thomas jheri curl/perm. I'll gladly stick with my shag :-). They should have included this one of the Grand Theft Auto soundtracks.

Kanye West - Robocop

This was leaked before the album dropped but that version was garbage. The beat is pretty much the same but he laid down some more drums for the album version. Thank goodness b/c the outro wouldn't have made it without it. "That was a good one, your first good one in awhiiillleee"

Waldini WTF Moment
Kanye West - Can't tell me nothing

I didn't put this song on here for the actual song. It's on here for the video. Fo' real, WTF :-)

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