Friday, July 10, 2009

This Is What Your Mama Warned You About

So as you know, my girl and I are connoisseurs of fine liquors. During one of our never ending searches for new spirits, we came across 1800 Select Silver. Neither of us had tried it before, so we decided that we'd give it a test drive. The fact that it's 100 proof, and it's just hard as Hades to legally find 100 proof liquors, didn't hurt matters.

When the package arrived, we were intrigued by the two and a half foot box. I wondered just how big this bottle of tequila was. After tearing through the packaging, we were sort of let down by the sight of the nine inch bottle. Nevertheless, upon opening the bottle we realized that the size of the box was necessary in order to contain the toe curling awesomeness that lied within. One sniff of the cap and we knew that this wasn't something to take lightly. They weren't joking about 100 proof.

Now, I must say that neither my girl nor I are soft when it comes to liquor. We'll try ANYTHING once. But right now? Trying that 1800? Nah, we're gonna have to postpone this drinking session for a little bit. Have no fears. We will tackle the 1800 Silver, probably later on tonight. But first we have to get our collective minds right. Stay tuned for the actual review. It promises to be one Hell of a barn burner.

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