Saturday, April 18, 2009

Running The Bulls

Gangsta D:

OK, this is for the Bulls' fans. When did they get good again? And did they get good in spite of Vinny Of The Black, or because of him? I have to admit I didn't even know they were "playoff-eligible" until last week:)


That's just hate and you know it!

They are not good. That would be an overstatement. They are competing, which is a monster step up from last year. Derrick Rose is the truth and John Salmons, surprising to me because I swear I thought he was going to be a big old tool, has been very solid. The Bulls play a 7, maybe 8 man rotation and have just been going for broke. No, they are not good. But they are building, and I hope they steal two game from Boston.

Gangsta D:

Like I'm gonna deny my hate:)

Rose is indeed the truth. Can't keep him out of the lane, and with no Garnett....I'm just saying. He could do some damage.


Rose is a stud, Tyrus Thomas needs a jumper, Deng hasn't been mentally right since the Kobe rumors, Gordon's offense is sic but it's all about him, Salmons has been steady, Noah has shocked me by not being a complete bust, and Vinny the Black should get serious Coach of the Year consideration for getting this team in a 6 seed. I say all that to say Celtics in 5 :-)

You haters got 2 days to hop on the Lakers' bandwagon b4 me and D close the door


JC said...

Arenas is going to have his hands full with that Rose kid.

Damn that boy good!

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