Friday, April 03, 2009

Pass The Ammunition


Man, I would have robbed some Magic player after the game

The Magic pulled the cruellest of April Fool's Day pranks on an unsuspecting
victim last night. The blindfolded fan heaved a half-court shot that he thought
was worth $100,000 (U.S.), and the crowd, in on the gag, went wild in the
moments after he let it go. Convinced he'd swished the improbable shot and won
the cash, the victim celebrated wildly. "I actually just got laid off from
work," he said, "but we're going on a trip." When the rug was pulled, he did not
look pleased.
Gangsta D:

Why would a CORPORATE entity pull a stunt like that during these times? If I was that dude, I would've cussed out everyone. Probably would've started a couple fist fights too. Dicks.


See it's got us upset and we not even that dude :-). Let's hop in the car and issue a Wonder Twin beatdown

Gangsta D:

If I were him, I'd sue for...I don't know. Something! lol

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