Monday, July 20, 2009

L.O. MIA in L.A.?

Da Realist:

WHOA... where have I been? You guys might let Odom slip through your fingers??? That's big shit right there. You don't win without Odom next year -- especially with Boston getting Rasheed Wallace. Kupchak better show him the money or the Lakers can kiss their chances for a repeat goodbye.

Surprised y'all haven't brought this up. Losing Odom is a bigger deal than getting Artest.

By the way...DAMN Boston! They just got Rasheed Wallace to back up Kevin Garnett. That. Is. HUGE. Neither can lead a team right now, but together? That's an old poor man's Duncan/Robinson 99 -- which might actually work in today's league. Ten years ago? Nah... But today? It might just work. Who's gonna beat them? Not Cleveland. Not Orlando. And not LA if they let Odom move to Miami.


You're right unfortunately. Problem is LO and his agent are playing hardball for no reason. Lakers gave Odom and initial offer of 7M a yr, 3 yrs. Obviously Odom's camp said no, wanted more money and years. Lakers kept upping the deal until the last offer of 9M, 4 yrs. Odom's people want 10M, 5 yrs. Problem is no one can give him what he wants. Heat is trying to be a player by offering 6.6M, 5 yrs but that's still less than what LA is offering.

Yep if LA does not re-sign LO, pretty hard to see them repeating, particularly with that bench.

Funny comparison on Boston. I'm actually high on Boston, Orlando, and San Antonio's offseasons. Getting Sheed is huge as he's like Shaq. Gets bored with his environment afterwhile then gets motivated when in a new potentially winning situation.

Da Realist:

LA needs Odom and Odom knows it. Wouldn't you play hardball if you were in that situation? They can't win without Odom. He's not a franchise player, he's an average 2nd option, but he's a GREAT 3rd option. What it boils down to for the Lakers is this -- how much is a potential run to the championship worth? They have a 50/50 chance to win with Odom as a 3rd option. It's much worse without him.

Odom knows this. Given the circumstances, I think the Lakers front office is the one playing hardball.

Just like Toni Kukoc. He was soft, he played no defense and he was too concerned with scoring to be a franchise player. But he was great as a 3rd option for the Bulls. And the Bulls needed him to win the last 2 titles.

Gangsta D:

How much leverage does he really have? Let's say he goes to Miami. They ain't winning the title next year. I don't care if they do get Boozer. They're not beating Boston, Orlando, or Cleveland. So, is he gonna take less money just to not make the Finals next year? That'll really show the Lakers:)

Da Realist:

True. But he's betting the house that the Lakers aren't as comfortable as they are letting on. Who's going to blink first? Odom has a ring and is now looking for 5 years of guaranteed millions. If he never wins another ring, he's probably satisfied with his career.

The Lakers want to win more and know they have only a small window with Kobe. Kobe's only 30 but he's already played 1123 total games (Michael Jordan only played 1109 total games for the Bulls). Plus all indications point to this being the last season Phil Jackson is the coach. Plus plus, they got older when they dealt Ariza for Artest.

I'd play hardball if I was Odom.


Interesting from Sun Sentinel

The thing about Lamar Odom is he wants to be wanted, wants to be appreciated for the unique skill set he provides. Perhaps it comes down to the unceasing recruitment he enjoyed coming out of high school. Perhaps it was the attention he received from the Heat and others before the 1999 NBA Draft. What works in the Heat's favor is the Lakers' limiting their offer to about $9 million guaranteed a season. That would mean earning $3 million less next season than Andrew Bynum, $7 million less than Pau Gasol. The frustration is understandable, considering how Odom sacrificed a starting role and statistics to help the Lakers win a championship. But at the mid-level with the Heat, it would leave Odom earning $2 million less than Mark Blount next season, about a quarter as much as Jermaine O'Neal, less than Udonis Haslem, and only nominally more than Michael Beasley or James Jones. It's still a longshot, and an issue that should be settled relatively soon. The odds and the numbers, though, certainly are not in the Heat's favor, no matter how hearty the embrace."

So would you rather earn less than Bynum or Blount? Gasol or O'Neal?

Da Realist:

As we all's about male pride. We know how we get. Feed the man's ego or watch the Finals at home next year. Or get pummeled by Boston again.


LO's agent should ask so you want to spend the luxury tax to go fishing in May or do you want to spend the luxury tax to pop champagne in June?

Da Realist:

The tricky part is...even with Odom the Lakers aren't guaranteed anything. The Celtics could still beat them. I don't know what is (was?) wrong with Garnett but now he only has to shoulder half the load. Wallace is very good as a 3rd or 4th option and both guys can exert more energy on defense since they don't have to shoulder as much of a load offensively. They are going to make Pierce and Ray Allen look like good perimeter defenders. That's a good deal. Did Boston lose anyone? Or did they just snatch Wallace from Detroit for nothing?

Pierce, Ray Allen, Garnett, Wallace and Rondo. That's a damn good starting lineup right there. Or they could bring Wallace in to solidify the 2nd unit. Damn Ainge knows what he's doing, doesn't he? If the chemistry is right, the Lakers probably won't beat them anyway. Wallace and Garnett just nullified Gasol and Odom. Maybe moreso. And that really was the Lakers biggest advantage over everyone else -- Length.

Gangsta D:

How did Boston get younger? Sheed is older than us. Garnett is older than us. Jesus is damn sure older than us. Pierce is the same age as us. Garnett has played close to 1000 games, himself. And he's coming off of a knee injury, that we don't know the severity of. I don't see this as a slam dunk. I don't see any team as a prohibitive favorite going into next year, whether LO resigns or not. Lot of Paper Champions in the league in July.

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