Monday, July 20, 2009

New School Music - Call it What you Want edition

Again, another 4 months has passed since the last batch of the Commission's New School Music. This time, Waldini cannot blame the lack of music, because I've heard a few bangers. It's all on me as I'm being worn out by my Transformers, aka cute kids in disguise :-).

I digress. Some oldies, some newies to keep you going in this hot ass Summer!

Kid Cudi f Lady Gaga, Kanye West, and Common - Make Her Say
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Quick history, the real name of the song is "I Poke Her Face" but obviously the MTVs and BETs of the world have censored that title. Lady Gaga's hook is hypnotic to the point where you just find yourself like damn. Strong bars from all 3, including the New Kid on the Block in Mr Cudi. "Day N Nite" was dope. This song is dope. He drops a 3rd banger and the album is copped not burned :-)

Method Man and Redman - Mrs International

Truth - "Blackout" was not a bad album. Hip Hop's Cheech and Chong just dropped it 5 years too late. Their sequel also is being dropped too late (almost 10 yrs after the first one). But this song's beat is hot. And the video is hilarious, particularly the Doo Wop look. That Obama line from Red is pretty tight. Thanks K Dawg for hippin' me to the game.

B.O.B - Put Me On (remix)

What'chu know about B.O.B pimp? Cat is the child that OutKast bore: Part Big Boi, Part 3 stacks. Don't believe, go peep Haterz Everywhere and I'll be in the Sky. Throw in this infectious track and this cat has range. I'll doubt he'll blow up like 'Kast but he should have a loyal following. Bonus points for paying homage to the golden age by using the same sample ATCQ used for "Bonita Applebaum.

Drake - Best I Ever Had

Aw yes, the new "IT" rapper. I'm not gonna front, I really tried hard to hate on Drake. All the pre-hype about him being the next big thing had me already in pure hater mode. But then I heard his verse on Weezy's "Every Girl" and then I heard this a few weeks later on the radio. Dude's hype is worth it so far. Hoping he can keep it up. DISCLAIMER - This video is not for the female audience..LOL

Come Around Song of the Week

Jay Z - DOA (Death of Autotune)

Come around means I did not like the song initially and took me a few spins to come around and see the light. Tight Tight sent me this first and my first response was like "Eh I've heard better Jay Z songs and better songs playing today." One day I was driving, heard the song, and it just hit me. Like damn, this shhh is hot. I've seen the light Tight Tight, I've come around. Shock to those who think I'm a Jigga groupie ;-).

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