Friday, November 30, 2007

Who Ya Got?!?


Numero Uno 47-30
Mr. Bojangles 40-37
Super Fan #23 38-39

Gangsta D:

I can't believe Waldini had a perfect week. First one all season. I guess the sun does shine on a dog's ass some days. Well fellas, we can keep this thing up for one more week and pick these 7 games in the hopes that I'll go ofer. Or we can just call it now. Makes no difference to me. What sayeth the congregation?


BC-V Tech - Hokies
LSU-UT - Tigers
Mizzou-OU - Sooners
USC-UCLA - Trojans
Army-Navy - MidShipmen
Cal-Stanford - Golden Bears
UW-Hawaii - Rainbows

See I was going to pass you a compliment in fantasy football but the comments below ended that dream. You can have this FREE pick 'em. Just make your check out to Four Horsemen when I take you and the rest of those jabronis money in 3 weeks

Gangsta D:


Da Realist:

Virginia Tech
Hawaii Read more!

You May Now Step Down

Da Realist:

Tubbs to Arkansas?


If this rumor is indeed true, then what is going on in the SEC West? Coaches leaving teams for other schools?!?! Does that mean Orgeron will become the new coach at Arkansas :-)

Gangsta D:

Why in God's name would he go to Arkansas? How is that a better job than Auburn? Just seems like internet rumor mongering gone wild. This move makes no sense. Unless, Tommy is super pissed at somebody in the administration.


Well remember a few yrs ago, the boosters tried to get Tuberville out and I think he still harbors some resentment.

Da Realist:

Unless he just wants to go home again, I don't understand the move. He's had tremendous success at auburn. This isn't even a lateral move, it's a step DOWN.

And why the sec west? If he goes anywhere else, he leaves a certain legacy. Undefeated season, 6 straight wins over Bama...they'd name a street after him. But coaching Arkansas means he'll face Auburn every year!

Gangsta D:

I just don't buy it. The Hogs have no passing attack. McFadden is gone. Felix Jones might leave. Why even consider it? OK, maybe he'd consider it for $5 million a year:)


Who ever said money didn't cloud judgement? Look at Notre Dame. How bad do you think Weis really feels for having the worst record ever in school history? He's got 10 million ways to look at the bright side of things
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Old School Friday - Senior Year

1997. Senior year in college. I can't believe it's been 10 years. 10 YEARS!! Senior was great, and it sucked. I went to Mardi Gras, New Zealand, and Australia. My car got broken into. I had a gang of money. 1st semester, I averaged 3 hours of sleep a night. But, the highlight was definitely me and Waldini's 21st birthday party. It was beyond ridiculous. It was crunk inside AND outside. The liquor was flowing and so were the chicks, or so I've been told. I don't remember a whole lot from that night.:)

Janet Jackson - Got Til It's Gone

This song gives me such mixed emotions. It's got an unbelievable groove, but every time I hear it I'm reminded of how miserable I was during the 1st semester. Jodi Mitchell never lied and she sure as shit never eased my pain. But it's all good. That's what makes college so great.

LL - 4,3,2,1

"Beef is when I see you. Guaranteed to be in ICU." Damn LL, did Canibus really dis you? I never quite understood why James Todd went off on him like that. All dude said was "That mic on your arm? Let me borrow that." That seems pretty innocuous to me. SML? Shine some light on the situation perhaps? Nevertheless, the beat is dope and Mr. Smith DOES rip it. Can't hate on him for that.

Canibus - 2nd Round KO

Or can you? Canibus hits LL off with a little get back, well maybe not so little, on this track. First time I heard it, I was like "DAYUM!!! That boy cold." Canibus definitely wasn't on the "respect your elders" tip. It was wild hearing someone dis LL so virulently, especially a new cat. I really thought his career was gonna take off. Nope. For some reason, he let Wyclef do the production on his first album. And that was pretty much a wrap for his career. Too bad. He had mucho promise.

Pac - Heaven Got A Ghetto

Does Heaven have a ghetto? As my boy Omar used to say, "What the Hell kind of shit is that?" OK, so maybe Heaven doesn't have a ghetto. But the song is dope, though.

Erykah Badu - Tyrone

I really do like this song, but chicks did their best to make it unbearable. I must've heard a "Call Tyrone" reference twice a day for 2-3 months straight. OK, I get it. Guys can be jerks. You've pounded into my head. But, Badu is a saint?!? Grrrr. But I do like the song. The first line is hilarious. It definitely lets you know this isn't gonna be your average everyday love song.

Scarface - Fuck Faces

Underrated. Underrated. Underrated. 'Face doesn't get anywhere near the respect and acclaim that he should. His lyrics are always on point and his beats are ridiculous. Maybe people just think of him as a gangsta rapper. I don't know. All I know, is that Brad Jordan is supertight. And with this joint, accompanied by Tela, Short, and Devin, 'Face serves us up a pretty nice concoction. The clean version is titled "Sex Faces," but I think "Fuck Faces" is way more entertaining.

Missy Elliot - The Rain(Supa Dupa Fly)

"Who got the keys to the jeep? Vroooooom." Yeah the lyrics don't make any sense to me either. But the beat is tight. As is Missy's fingerwaves. I bet you could've sliced cheese on those joints. Thankfully, she stepped up her fashion game during the past decade. Hoooooray Missy!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Official Heisman Ballot

Gangsta D:

1. Chase Daniel - Great stats (3,900 yds/36 Total TDs) and has his team on the precipice of the Nat'l title. Big 12 is very good at the top, but mediocre after the top four. Signature moment: Beating #2 Kansas.

2. Darren McFadden - Humanity Advanced. Best player in the country. Stats are not eye popping due to sharing of backfield. Signature moment: Single handedly beating LSU.

3. Tim Tebow - Put up best stats in the best conference. System QB without a Big Win. Signature moment: None.

What sayeth the congregation?


I put McFadden first, Tebow 2nd, Daniel 3rd. McFadden broke the SEC rushing record against South Carolina and ended LSU's title dreams. And he's doing this with another future first round pick (Felix Jones) backing him up. And doing this with a mediocre passing game. I can't stand Tebow but his numbers are playstation like. Daniel can prove me wrong but I dont think he puts up the same kinda of numbers in the SEC.

Pat White or Steve Slaton dont get any love?

Gangsta D:

Slaton and White don't have the stats. If Chase didn't have great stats, I wouldn't have him #1.

Da Realist:

Darren McFadden

Chase Daniel

Tim Tebow

But I have a feeling Tim Tebow is going to win. A system QB if i ever saw one. Read more!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Who Ya Got?!?

Picks Update:

Leader 1 44-27
Loser 1 34-37
Loser 2 34-37

Gangsta D:

Should we even continue with this slaughter? I'd have to lose every game this week and the Conf Championships just to fall back to a tie. Should I be expecting your concession speeches today?


In a few short words....OH HELL NO I aint quittin.

Gangsta D:

My God. Somebody just likes punishment. You'll notice a trend with my picks. Who's going to go out on that limb?

Da Realist:

I don't remember pounding your balls to the wall the last couple of years, but that's ok. There is always next year, CHAMP.

Gangsta D:

Hey, just because you didn't exercise your God given right to talk trash, doesn't mean I'm gonna refrain. I can take it, and I can dish it out. Oh yeah, can I dish it out:)


Gangsta D: This is a pick 'em. I'm taking the home team. The Trojans' troubles have been apparent all year. ASU isn't a juggernaught, but they come through at home.

Waldini: USC

Da Realist: USC


Gangsta D: I really want FSU to win, but Florida has too many playmakers. Best case scenario is Tebow having a HORRIBLE day, thereby dumping his Heisman chances down the drain. Probably won't happen though.

Waldini: UF

Da Realist: UF

UT vs UK

Gangsta D: A certain Volunteer fan knows that his squad escaped by the enamel of their teeth last week. The up and down Vols go on the road, and we know that bad things happen when they go on the road. Woodson's last home game is a good one, as the Cats gangbang Smokey.

Waldini: UT

Da Realist: UK

UConn vs WVU

Gangsta D: The Mountaineers have a shot at the nat'l title game. The Huskies are the new kids on the block. They're not not yet ready for the big stage. Pat White will probably run for a 60 yd TD in the last minute.

Waldini: WVU

Da Realist: WVU

Mizzou vs KU

Gangsta D: Who would've thought THIS game would be the marquee matchup this weekend? I haven't seen either team play, but Kansas has that '99 Virginia Tech feel to them. Gotta go with the Jayhawks.

Waldini: Mizzou

Da Realist: Kansas

Bama vs Auburn

Gangsta D: After losing to UL Monroe, Saban has GOT to win this game. Alas, he won't. Auburn is just a better team right now. Bama will get better, but just like Mr. Shannon, Mr. Saban is finding out that the "Magicial One-Year Turnaround" is more myth than reality.

Waldini: Auburn

Da Realist: Auburn
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Who Ya Got?!?

Picks Update:

Leader 1 40-25
Smokey 32-33
Osceola 30-35

tOSU vs Mich

Gangsta D: Henne and Hart are banged up, and the Wolverines are coming off a tough loss. tOSU is coming off of a humiliating loss. Humiliating because the "#1 Defense" let the Illini run the last 8:00 off the clock. Who bounces back? If Henne and hart were full strength, I'd go with Meechigan. But they're gimpy and Tressel owns Lloyd. "Suckeyes" in a close one.

Waldini: Are Henne and Hart playing? Is this the last time Carr coaches against Ohio St? Does this game mean anything anymore besides a trip to the Rose Bowl? The Illini found the Buckeyes Krpytonite last week, which is a mobile QB and a proper time mgmt. I think Michigan rebounds from a subpar showing to Wisc. WOLVERINES

Da Realist: I don't believe Michigan is healthy enough to beat osu under most circumstances. But this is lloyd's last game against OSU (presumably) and this is the final chance for the seniors to beat "that team down south". I'm going with MEEECHIGAN because i believe in the upset. And i still believe in college football. MICHIGAN

Miami vs VTech

Gangsta D: This is my "I'm Keith Hernandez" pick. Last time we went up there, we shocked them. This time, we'll see. I'll be content as long as we keep fighting. As a whole, I think we have heart. Look at the FSU game. We could've quit then, but we fought. I think last week was an anomaly. Well, I hope.

Waldini: Man that was horrible loss at the Orange Bowl. And some recruits are questioning the current players' hearts??! What is going on in the M-I-A. On the other side, Beamer quietly has his boys in the ACC title chase. Their offense is still a joke but I think that won't matter
this week. HOKIES

Da Realist: Miami doesn't have it this year. They will bounce back with much more effort after giving up last week at home, but VT will see this as their chance to step on the canes neck. And they'll do it. VIRGINIA TECH


Gangsta D: Moreno for President! Seriously, this dude is banging so many white chicks right now it's stupid. Give him the ball 25 times and get out of the way. If the dogs pressure Woodson like they did Tebow, they will walk away with this game. I don't think the Wildcat defense can hang with Georgia's playmakers. Add in the fact that Richt is turning into "Thug Life" and I think the dogs roll.

Waldini: From a personal standpoint, I need Kentucky to win and give my Vols a lil cushion. I still think Georgia is suspect but they keep finding ways to beat quality opponents (see Florida, Auburn). Stafford and Moreno are laying the foundation for some Georgia dominance in a few
years. I still think Woodson is a beast and I cant go against him at home. Even if I dont think they will win :-) WILDCATS

Da Realist: That Florida game marked a distinct difference in the Georgia team than the one that lost to SCarolina earlier this year. This is the best team in the East (Sorry, Tennessee). If only UT will lose one more game, I think Georgia can give LSU a run for the money. I'm going with GEORGIA

ARK vs Fighting Crooms

Gangsta D: Miss St. is bowl eligible, while the Hurricanes are not. What in God's name is the world coming to? I blame this on Bush. No way this happens under Clinton. The Bulldogs' offense is atrocious, but they're defense is actually pretty good. McFadden vs the Bulldog D will
be a good matchup. I think the Hawgs pull it out with Humanity Advanced leading the way.

Waldini: Wow, who would ever think this game would be on this list let alone carry some major implications behind it. No need to explain, I think Arkansas wins. RAZORBACKS

Da Realist: It's at Fayetteville and the hawgs will find a way to get their running game going again. ARKANSAS

BC vs Clemson

Gangsta D: Clemson has not yet gone down the shithole. I'm surprised. Maybe Tommy Bowden has figured out that the season is 12 games long and not 5. Matty Light has given me the bitter beer face the last couple weeks. I think the trend continues, and the Tigers do the Tiger Walk all over the Eagles.

Waldini: Two words. Clemson wins. Five words. Because BC has been exposed. It's funny b/c BC is doing the exact same tailspin Clemson did last year and Clemson is coming on strong like BC did last yr. TIGERS

Da Realist: CLEMSON

WVU vs Cinn

Gangsta D: Cinncinnatti is good this year and we are not. Once again, this never happened while Clinton was gettin' brain in the Oval Office. As long as nobody spits on Pat White, this thing won't get out of hand. In a close one, the Mountaineers pull it out.


Da Realist: MOUNTAINEERS Read more!

Old School Friday - Happy People

We're taking happy pills today at The Commission. For whatever reasons, the joints this week just make me happy. A smile creeps across my face. My head starts to nod. My hands go in the air. And most importantly, I think back to the good ole days. They just make me feel good. Hopefully, you'll feel the same. This weekend, do a few situps. Thanksgiving is next week, so you may need to create a little room for the festivities. But yeah, you can still drink though!

Chubb Rock - Just The Two Of Us

"I'm gonna kick a little, not a Dr. Suess Riddle..." This was my joint back in 9th grade. Back then, it really was all so simple Rae. I just love the energy of the video. Letting the Que's and Nupes represent was an inspired choice. Also, check out Elise Neal's cameo as a dancer. I think she classes up just about anything.

Busta Rhymes - Woo Ha! (Got You In Check)

"Busta's got a solo album coming out? Busta? For real?" OK, so I was skeptical upon hearing the news of his solo status. Leaders was a cool group, but I didn't know if BussaBuss could hold it down by himself. Twelve years later, it would appear that my calculations were a tad off. And oh yeah, try not to break your neck while viewing.

Naughty By Nature - Feel Me Flow

This song brings back so many good feelings. It was the summer after Freshman year, and all I did all day was watch videos and play Nintendo. Ya'll remember MTV's Summer Beach House? I know the fellas remember Idalis. '95 was really the last summer where I basically just chilled and had zero worries. Damn that was fun.

Digital Underground - Kiss You Back

"Freak me girl and I'll freak you back."Damn, if this song doesn't make you wanna go out and plant a fat wet one on the first person you see, then you're just a pinko commie bastard. By the way, anyone know who the honey with the light eyes and short haircut is? I'd like to give her the chocolate crossover. Wait, that sounds way dirtier than I had intended. Rather, I'd like to watch the sunrise with her. There, much better.

Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours

"Engine engine number 9. On the New York transit line."
If you can't fully appreciate the power that these words hold, then there's nothing I can do for you.

Big Pun feat Joe - Still Not A Player

"Boriqua. Morena. Boriqua. Morena." I remember being in Key West, drunker than a drunk-ass drunk, dancing my ass off to this song. Well, at least I thought I was dancing my ass off. I was probably just dancing my integrity away. I couldn't help it though. This is one of those songs that forces you onto the dance floor, even if your only option is an ugly chick with bad breath. Joe and Pun made it all better.

Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy

Oh Jay Kay. I don't know fucking style of dancing that is pimpin, but keep on keeping on. I guess the spirit moves us in different ways. Even though the arrangement is different from the album version, this song still rocks.


OK, this isn't an old school video. It's not even a real video. But this song is straight up hilarious. This is some truly ignorant shit. And yes, it fo sho made me smile. (Hat tip:Crunk + Disorderly)

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NBA Ruminations


I know it's early but still some of current NBA ongoings are funny as hell..

- Like Starbury going AWOL in NY. I take the rumors with a grain of salt but if they prove to be true, this is going to be some funny s***. Star not happy about being benched so he asks to stay home, 'Zeke thinking of buying out his contract, Star rebutting that he's got stuff on 'Zeke. Aww New York New York big city with dreams.

- "Me? Play. I guarantee you I should suit up. I'd play better than some of them right now. I guarantee it. I swear to God. With an old hip and 62 years old and I can't see, I'll play better than some of my guys tonight. Come on, they were pretty bad." Riles made that comment last night after the Heat were blown out by Charlotte.

- Early comparisons of this year's Celtics to the '95-96 Bulls. Why are they even going there with this one? But for kicks Rondo vs Harper (Bulls WIN), Airness vs Jesus SHuttlesworth (Bulls WIN), Migraine vs A stab victim called Pierce (Bulls WIN), Worm vs Da Kid (wash), Down Under vs Dont call me Sam Perkins (Bulls WIN). Even the bench and coaching favors the Bulls. Again why go there

But these things are funny as hell to me

Gangsta D:

The Celtics are 6-0. This isn't the NFL! They got 76 more games to go! You're talking about a team that's lead by three players who've never been to the Finals, and a coach who's never won a playoff series! Can't the media spend more time talking about OJ? Lol

The Heat are a mess, and a Dwyane Wade at 90% isn't gonna make them THAT much better. Obviously, I'm revelling in their misery. The Lakers may be mediocre, but at least we don't currently reside in a 10 gallon bag of suck.

Steph. What to say about Steph? I actually thought the Knicks had a chance to make a run at the playoffs. And maybe they still do, but they're not mentally tough enough to deal with these distractions and fight through it. It's gonna be an entertaining year in the NBA, for all the wrong reasons.

Da Realist:

Didn't see the game last night but damn, it look like y'all brought everything but the kitchen sink and a bucket of chicken to stop Tim Duncan. I know Chris Mihm didn't do that on his own.

I'm surprised at Phil. I would think the gameplan against the spurs would be the opposite -- let tim get his all game but shut down everyone else. (when has he ever scored 50 points?) Maybe that wears him down by the 4th quarter when you can bang him around a little bit.

We all know he's not the best free throw shooter. No one else will step up because they're out of sync. voilĂ ...lakers win.

But I'm not the one with 9 rings.

Gangsta D:

It was actually back and forth for the first 20 minutes of the game. Turiaf and Kwame were beasting Duncan. Kobe had a sick block on Timmeh and Turiaf had 2 or 3. But no one could stop Parker, and they started leaving Matt Bonner(Matt Bonner?!?) and Bowen open. A 1 point Laker lead with 4 minutes to go in the half turned into a 16 point deficit. Game. Set. Match.


What happened was the Lakers could not stop tripping over themselves. They had 8 turnovers in the first quarter, 14 overall in the first half. The Spurs were ice cold until mid way 2nd quarter but the boys didn't capitalize. And when the Spurs got hot (well really TP, Matt bonner and Bowen) it was a wrap.

Phil threw the 3 headed monster at Tim last night and he had problems. All 3 did a pretty decent job. Kobe actually was too unselfish for most of the night. His teammates kept screwing up the easiest passes and negated his all around effort. Check the highlight reel to see his blocks on Duncan...TWICE!

Da Realist:

SIGNS OF THE APOCOLYPSE - to get beat by the likes of Bruce *@#$! Bowen Read more!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up


Usually I talk about other teams but this week it's about who Waldini watches :-)

CFB - My Vols control their own destiny in the East. Yea Gawga is ranked higher but we own the tiebreaker thanks to the ass whuppin we gave them in Oct. Of course I expect Fulmer to choke to either UK or Vandy. Even if they beat them, they will get served in the SEC championship by LSU. But if they get there, it's back to a NY's day bowl and I can't complain for that.

NFL - Damn Titans not only did you lose, you looked ugly in losing. Lendale goes down with an injury, already adding to a thin RB base. I need Vince to start improving soon. We're tied with Jax for 2nd in the AFC South. The Colts took an L but in a tight AFC chase, we need all the gimmes we can get. Don't mess up next week with Denver

CBB - The season started and Hoya Paranoia is back underway. The game was closer than the score indicated but bottomline, the Hoyas beat William & Mary. Dajuan looked a lil tentative in his new role and the only main contributions came from Hibbert, Sapp, and Wallace but the season is young. They are loaded and go a legit 10 deep. I'm hoping they can capitalize on last season's success. C'mon playas, ya'll doing this for family bragging rights

NBA - 3-2?? I say if the Lakers are either .500 or 1 game under .500 after their initial 10 games, they might have a chance to make some noise. They got the brutal Texas two step this week at Hou, then at SA. I'd be surprised if they won either. Thankfully less talk has been made on Kobe wanting out and the players are starting to come around.

Just my thoughts....:-)

Da Realist:

CFB -- it's really about LSU and Oregon now. upsets have crippled the intrigue of the bowl season (not that i'm complaining). i want them to win out so we can see who the real number 1 is. although if kansas beats OU and finishes undefeated...uh oh.

NFL -- damn the titans. if the patriots win it all, is brady legend greater than joe montana's?

NBA -- the nba doesn't matter until january at least. now is the time for marginal teams (like your lakers) to post wins over good teams in the hopes that it will give the team some confidence. the lakers have a better shot beating SA on the road now than they would in april, for instance. they have a shot against SA and i absolutely expect them to beat houston. the rockets aren't that good.


You know I wasnt buying it when they said Brady was on the same level with Montana when he won his 3rd SB. But if he continues at the rate he's playing, I would have to at least consider it. I thought in two of the SBs, he had no business being named MVP (Vinateri should have won) but that's life. It's one thing to win with marginal or good WRs. It's another to take advantage of an elite WR, which he is doing. You know I could stomach Brady's legend discussion status more than Favre's :)

Da Realist:

Montana threw to the GOAT all those years in SF. He always had a decent running attack (roger craig) and he played behind probably the most creative offensive mind in football history. i don't know...
this is brady's first year playing with an elite WR and he's ripping through the league. i don't know... Read more!

Monday, November 12, 2007


I have a major crush on Lauren London. I don't know why that is exactly. Maybe cause she looks like the kind of chick that can hook up a plate of scrambled eggs, talk dirty to you, and appreciate the social complexities of Grand Theft Auto. She just seems like that chick, you know? I wanna make brownies with her. Take that how you want.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Who Ya Got?!?

Winner 36-23
Loser #1 28-31
Loser #2 28-31

Auburn vs UGA

Gangsta D: Knowshown Moreno is pretty much the truth. Give the ball 25 times and he'll get you 150 yds. Auburn's defense is tough, they've had success in Athens, and they'll be looking to avenge the pistol whipping they got last year. But, I'm going with the home team. Moreno looks like a future Heisman candidate.

Waldini: Tuberville is now rumored to take the Aggies' head job once they relieve Franchione. What does that mean for this game? Absolutely nothing, I just wanted to point it out. Back the analysis....Moreno's gotten better, Stafford's cut down on his turnovers, and Richt has found his offensive mojo. On Auburn's side, Cox is more experienced and that defense is very very good. Tough choice but I'm going with AUBURN

Da Realist: This game could be a classic between two good, solid, but not great teams. i'm going with Road Warrior Tuberville. AUBURN


Gangsta D: Hmmm. Tennessee plays better at home, but they have no defense, and Humanity Advanced is coming to town. For some reason I'm going with the Vols. McFadden will rush for 200 yds but Casey Dick will only throw for 50. I don't necessarily feel good about this pick.

Waldini: Another tough one b/c both teams either look real good one week or pollywolly crappy the next. Their defenses are both jokes and it will come down to McFadden vs Ainge. Those are the two leading offensive stars for both sides. Forget about Dick, Foster, Fulmer, Nutt. These two will decide the game. Another tough one but Vols are at home so VOLS.

Da Realist: All Tennessee has to do is just win out and they'll punch their ticket to Atlanta. But this is the SEC in the year of the upset. Nothing is as expected. Tenn can't stop the run and find a way to lose at home to ARKANSAS

UF vs S Cack

Gangsta D: Good ole Steve Superior is looking to get back at the Gators. If it weren't for a couple blocked kicks, the Cocks would've derailed UF's nat'l title season. Unfortunately for Steve, Danny Wuerfel isn't walking through that door. The Gator defense is a sieve, but the Cocks don't have enough weapons to make a dent.

Waldini: Can Meyer motivate the troops (Tebow, Harvin, Caldwell) to rebound from a bad loss to GAWGA? Can Spurrier REALLY motivate the troops (Mitchell, Smelley [if he plays]) to bounce bad from giving up a conference record rushing performance? Florida definitely isnt going to run the ball efficiently. Some reason I think SC is motivated by the Bo Berry Biscuit special (2 for a 1) waiting on them after the game ends. SOUTH CAROLINA

Da Realist: SC has a chance, but Florida has too many weapons and I doubt they lose two in a row twice in one season.

FSU vs V Tech

Gangsta D: I'm going with the home team. Drew had a good game at BC, but he's still Drew. Sean Glennon actually looked like a college QB against Tech, and Tech's defense will be tough as usual. It'll be a dogfight, but the Hokies pull it out in the end.

Waldini: I picked against FSU last week b/c I thought BC was better. I'm picking against them this week b/c I have to get back in the weekly pick championship chase, lol. Although the Hokies offense leaves MUCH to be desired and FSU is quietly putting up decent offensive number along with their defense making BIG plays. Damn I really think FSU is the better team but oh well. HOKIES

Da Realist: Somehow FSU gets up for the big road games. VT may just be a little overrated. This is like a big brother-little brother matchup. Frank Beamer created VT in the likeness of FSU. FSU is better at that type of game (throw your athletes on the field and create havok) than VT is. FLORIDA STATE

USC vs Cal

Gangsta D: It's the "Blown Season Bowl." This looked to be an epic battle back in September. Now, it's just another Pac-10 game. It's actually a coin flip this year. I'll go with the Bears. Maybe this week, DeSean Jackson will play like he wants to be a top 10 pick.

Waldini: When Cal spanked Tenn in the season opener, I really thought this would be the PAC 10 game that would decide the conf champ. Now these guys are playing for who goes to the Holiday bowl and Sun or Insight Bowl. Is Booty healthy? Will the real DeSean Jackson please stand up, please stand up? Gimme the TROJANS

Da Realist: USC has steadily improved and is looking for their "break-out" game. I'm sure Pete Carroll is using DeSean Jackson's comments as bulletin board material. USC comes out with the W. USC

UVA vs The U

Gangsta D: The final game at the Orange Bowl. So many memories. So many Nat'l Championships. Wide Rights. Wide Lefts. Fights. Beatdowns. Classic Endings. You name it, the Old Lady saw it. Miami is planning on having a BUNCH of alumni at the game. It's gonna be crazy. If we don't come out like "300" and destroy everything in our path, something is wrong. Kyle is starting, so we should have more than one completion. UVA is good, but I just can't see Randy allowing this team to lose this game. Just can't see it.

Waldini: Why is this game on here :-)? Just kidding D I know you'll have the box of tissues by your side for this game. UVA has won 5 games by a total of 7 points. Groh's boys are definitely skating on the edge. Miami had a bad loss to NC State last week. But then 2 weeks ago they looked good against the 'Noles. I dont know, going with UVA on the road.....

Da Realist: I don't believe Miami loses the last game at the Orange Bowl. MIAMI
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Old School Friday - 11th Grade

I've already done an 11th grade edition, you say? Well this time, it's all west coast baby. So put on a pair of khakis, slide on ya croaker sacks, and hit a switch on a "mark ass buster." It's a three day weekend for me, so I will be drinking heavily and doing my damndest to act responsibly. You should too.

Kam - I Still Got Love 4 Um

"Thought they were smart and got crushed like relish." This song was tailor made for Old School Friday. That groove just makes you wanna reminisce. The video is funny though, for one reason. Why is Kam wearing so many clothes? He's got a t-shirt on under a long sleeve shirt, and later throws on a jean jacket. It's LA. You don't need layers in LA. Like Tommy Chun said, there's so much gang violence in LA cause dudes is mad hot.

DJ Quik - Jus Lyke Compton

Why is Quik so underappreciated? His name rarely comes up when talking about best producers in the game. Look at his track record. It's practically flawless. OK, he fell in love with sleigh bells for a while, but look beyond that. He's never released a bad album. His musicianship has always been on point. I guess he's never had that major mainstream hit, but damn, does he need it?

The Pharcyde - Otha Fish

Tre gets the keys to the car on this joint, and he pretty much rips it. This was probably my favorite track off the album. A little different. A little quirky. But 100% dope. Too bad Labcabincalifornia didn't sell more. I'm sure these guys had a couple more hits in their holster.

Da Lench Mob - Gorillas In The Mist

"BOOM PING PING! Listen to the ill shit that I bring bring!" On it's surface, this song is kind of absurd. But it's dope because the fellas are so into it. They're just so committed. Even Short Dog, who only says about 10 words the whole song. You just gotta love a good middle class work ethic.

The Coup - Dig It

"I ain't waitin'. Turn the shit over like Bush did a boatload of Hatians."
Conscious rap? From the west coast? Yepper. The Coup had it in spades. But they also had funky beats, which was a must since they were from Oakland. Unfortunately like I wrote about PE last week, The Chronic pretty much erased conscious rap from the world. But, thank God we have youtube!

Ice Cube - Wicked

OK, so yeah. I was into Ice Cube. What gave it away? Anyway, some people hated on Cube because of the cameo by the Red Hots. Didn't they know that the Red Hots have a lifetime ghetto pass? Didn't they know that George Clinton produced their second album? Flea and Anthony breaking shit in an abandoned building is Grade A as far as I'm concerned.

Too Short - I Want To Be Free

"And till this day they think I'm selling coke." "Shorty The Pimp" was not the greatest Too Short album, but it did have a few joints. This track and "Something To Ride To" were definitely the crown jewels. Now you can say what you want about Todd Shaw, but that dude really never stopped rapping. He's the only cat to have an 11-track album last over an hour. I guess the pimping can't be distilled down into easy-to-swallow form for us commoners.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Old School Wednesday - Bo Knew Diddly

Nope, no videos today. Today we're hitting you with some old school commercials. They're not necessarily classics, but they are enjoyable in their own right. It's always cool to see how commercials have evolved over the years. I don't know if this will be a regular thing, but we'll just see how it goes. Enjoy.


I'm posting this commercial in honor of Realist. As a die hard Bulls fan, he's really going through the ringer now. The Bulls are "defeated" and Bulls fans are calling for Kobe. By the way, he hates Kobe. Now just imagine how that's gonna work out. So, this Bud's for you. Not only is it a Jordan commercial, but it's a Jordan commercial in which he totally eviscerates a non-existent Laker defense. Enjoy.

Bo Jackson

You don't need me to tell you that Bo was the man in the early 90's. Unfortunately, he was robbed of his career by the Bengals. Harbinger of things to come, no? Anyway, this was always my favorite iteration because of Gretzky's part. What's with the condescension Wayne? Don't think black people can play hockey? Guess you would've won those titles without Grant Fuhr huh? But can you imagine Bo on skates, with bad intentions in his eyes? That would have been illegal. No seriously, he would've been arrested for felonious assault at some point.

Pistol Pete & Andre

Isn't that cute? Madison Avenue really wanted us to care about men's tennis. And you know what? I actually did for a second. Everyone hoped this rivalry would take men's tennis to the stratosphere, but it just didn't. You know what would've helped? Staging a match, for real, in the middle of Times Square. That would've given Guiliani a heart attack and earned the sport some serious publicity. See, a win-win.

AI & Jada

This commercial almost single handedly ruined the NBA. This melding of hip hop and basketball makes my vomit wanna vomit. Couple of nigg-I mean thugs running around, rapping and rhyming, hipping and hopping, and scaring away all the decent corporate whitefolk. Allen Iverson is a menace. You hear me?!? A MENACE!!!!


Michael Jackson. LA Gear. Has there been a more symbiotic relationship? How could this venture possibly fail? Almost 20 years later, and I'm still trying to understand how he didn't overtake Jordan. But on the real, isn't it cool to see Mike with at least a little color in his face?

George Gervin

The best part of this commercial? Gervin's finger roll from about 10 feet. How in the Hell is that even possible? That shot was laced with influenza, for real. Now, the second best part of the commercial? That patented Tim Hardaway personality and wit that got him canned from NBA Fastbreak a couple years ago. I love Tim as a player, but as a speaker? Blechh.

Read more!

Rogue's Gallery: Fat Shaq, Evil Kobe, & "Souless" John Paxon

Gangsta D:

You know I'm smiling. We may only be .500, but at least we're not winless. Sorry, Realist:)

How awesome would that be to have Riley bench someone with the ego and star power of Shaq as a punishment for picking up too many fouls? And if this did actually happen, would this count as one of the 12 games off that Riley offered to give Shaq if he was healthy for 70? I need some clarification on this. Either way, the Heat are a complete disaster right now, and I'm not sure that even the return of Dwyane Wade will be enough to get things totally straightened out.

Da Realist:

Here's the problem. Shaq has fossilized. Everyone should have sold their house and got out of town after that fluke championship a couple of years ago. Riley should have retired. Shaq should have retired. Payton should have retired. Walker and Jwill should have followed the wind somewhere. That team was garbage and it won on wade's back against a soft-hearted team that just wasn't ready for big time.

Riley is stirring it up again. He's not blind. He knows Shaq is at the end of the rope. Why criticize him now? You knew what you were getting when you decided to come back. His act is gonna wear thin again and then he'll disappear. But he should have left AFTER THE TITLE.

I should be a consultant. what am i doing sitting at this desk. I could make good money convincing people to listen to their common sense.

Bobby Bowden? Please retire. You're ruining your legacy.

Pat Riley? You just won a fluke championship. Retire on top before everyone else figures it out.

Shaq? C'mon. You avg'd 9 points a game against Dallas. You were once a 40 and 20 man. don't do it. 4 titles is nothing to sneeze at. Move to LA and rub it in everyone's face.

Phil jackson? Might want to look at an exit strategy. This could get ugly. Again.

Doc Rivers? Have your agent stay in contact with TNT or ESPN. When the Cetics fail, guess who will be the fall guy.

I'm in the wrong business.

Gangsta D:

Interesting points. What advice would you give John Paxson?

Da Realist:

There was an old show back in the 80's that i used to love called, "Friday the 13th: The Series". It was about cursed objects that gave the owner instant gratification in exchange of his/her soul. It never ended well for the owner.

My advice to John Paxson: Don't sell your soul for instant gratification. Sure Kobe could get us much farther than we've been getting in the pathetic east , but at what price? Even the LAKERS are tiring of him. Don't do it.

Gangsta D:

Wow. Friday the 13th: The Series. That might be the analogy of the year.

When do the Lakers play IN Chicago? My dream is scenario is this:

The lakers are playing well, not gangbusters, but a top 6 seed. The Bulls are struggling around .500 in danger of missing the playoffs. Kobe comes to town and absolutely LIGHTS up the Bulls for 40 or 50 and the Lakers win by 20. As Kobe walks off the court, the Bulls fans start
chanting "KOBE! KOBE! KOBE!" or "WE WANT KOBE! WE WANT KOBE!" If that were to happen? Dude, the Lakers could trade Kobe to whoever, 5 minutes after the game, and I would be straight. Just the thought of you and G-Nice having to witness that and swallow it, would be worth it for me. Now THAT is hate:) Read more!

Monday, November 05, 2007


"You such a vivrant thing. Vivrant vivrant vivrant thing."

The list of things I won't do to Leila Arcieri, you could just about squeeze in between a gnat's ass cheeks. She's one of the baddest chicks in the game. I'm so in love with this chick, it truly is unhealthy. If I had the money to effectively stalk her, I would. I want to make her home fries, eggs, and bacon for breakfast. I wanna do her laundry. I wanna plait her hair. I just want to breathe the same fucking oxygen that she breathes. I take it back, this infatuation is incredibly healthy. Read more!

Weekend Recap


College Football - Another week and another high ranking team (Boston College) goes down. Kansas continues to roll and despite handing Nebraska one of their worst beatdowns ever, the polls still have the Sooners ranked higher. ND's nightmare continues as Navy ends a looooong losing streak. LSU is hanging by a thread and they will get beat if they continue to screw around with inferior opponents. And what the hell is going on with Jamaal Charles??! Back to back games (well really 4Qs)
where he goes off and rallies his team.

Pro Football - The "new" game of century was actually pretty hype. I only caught the 2nd half but the 4Q was the only quarter that mattered anyway. I still think the Pats defense is weak. The Saints continue to climb back into the playoff chase, AP officially became my target for next year's fantasy draft, and people need to stop sleeping on the Browns' offense.

Pro Baseball - A week has gone by and folks are tripping on A-Rod's supposedly ill-timed opt out announcement. I've got a question...WHO CARES?? In an era marked by juicing (McGwire, Giambi, etc), ridiculous spending (Yankees, Red Sox), and escalating baseball prices, what difference does it make. Funny, someone said he was destroying the integrity of the game. Get yours A-rod, even though you will choke when it matters....and the Barry Bonds boycott watch is officially on

Pro Basketball - Too early to tell anything so I do not put a lot of stock in any of these games. I did check out the NBA free preview of League pass and that confirmed I don't want it :-). Kinda hard to get pumped up to watch the Heat-Bobcats. Oh did you peep Phil's clowning of Mike D'Antoni on Friday. Classic Zen Master

Gangsta D:

I put our loss squarely on Coker's shoulders, and I'm not one of those "Everything's Coker's Fault" guys. But he left us with only two scholarship QBs, one of whom can't COMPLETE A FUCKIN' PASS!!! If Kyle had started, we wouldv'e won going away. No doubt he would've made his share of bonehead plays, but he also would've complete MORE THAN ONE PASS!! But I'm not bitter at all.

Kansas, essentially, called Ryder and gave them directions to Bill callahan's house. I haven't seen a beatdown like that since Penny got burned by an iron. Charlie Weis is a massive fuckhead. Going for it on 4th and 8? Very smart idea, Chuck. LSU probably should've lost that game, but they find ways to pull it out. Nevertheless, I can't say they're the best team in the country anymore. Too many mistakes.

How 'Bout Them Cowboys. Nice critical beatdown of the Iggles. Do NOT sleep on the Cleveland Steamer. That offense is crucial. Defense sucks, but they can score on just about anyone. The Pats can be beaten. The Colts should've beaten them. They should've been up 14-0 in the 1st qtr, but a lack of playmakers on the outside killed momentum. I'm really starting to hate everything Boston.

Boy, the Bulls are 0-3 and are in an offensive funk. Looks like they could use some help, huh?

The Lakers look like an actual team. I watch with guarded optimism. I don't want to put too much heart into cheering just to see them start scrubbing out, or see Kobe get traded. As it stands now, they move the ball, rebound, play defense, and hustle. That's really all I can ask for. Read more!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Who Ya Got?!?

Winner 33-21
Loser #1 27-27
Loser #2 25-29

Waldini: This sucks b/c I'm basically agreeing with Studio Gangsta on his picks.

Gangsta D: Yes, but you'll move into a tie for 2nd place. No way Super Fan #99 gains three games on me in one week. No. Effing. Way! Lol


Gangsta D: I looked at Weatherford's numbers. Five TDs and 1 pick isn't bad. He's just not a playmaker. Maybe the team rallies around him, due to Xavier's suspension. Yeah, probably not. BC in a rout.

Da Realist: FSU plays well defensively and will find a way to get to Matt Ryan but the offense is horrible right now. BC

Waldini: BC because I dont think FSU can duplicate last week's offensive accomplishments in back to back games. I still BC is not going to go undefeated but they're not losing this week. BC

Wisc vs Ohio St

Gangsta D: Wisconsin has no D, but do have a pretty potent offense. I suppose the Buckeyes are good, since they're undefeated, but I've paid zero attention to them this year. I do know that Robiskie is going off. If he's going off, then 'Sconsin won't be able to stop it. At home, odds are good that he will go off. Buckeyes stomp a mudhole.

Da Realist: Wisconsin's PJ Hill has a bum wheel. Ohio State will make them one-dimensional and score an easy W. OHIO STATE

Waldini: Buckeyes. Animal Jr and the rest of that defense has been putting a hurt on Big 10 foes. I don't see them getting tested until they play a rejuvenated Michigan team at the end of this month. OSU

UT vs Okie St

Gangsta D: Nebraska sucks monkey balls. Yet Texas was down double digits in the 2nd half. Thanks to a ridiculous 4th qtr by Jamaal Charles, the 'Horns pulled it out. Mike Gundy is a ridah. He will have the Cowboys ready to play. Texas has showed me ZERO this year. The Cowboys knock Colt McCoy out of the game, and take it to the 'Horns.

Da Realist: UT hasn't been impressive. They should have lost to UCF. Okie State will run all over Texas. OKLAHOMA STATE

Waldini: Coin flip time b/c I dont know enough about the Cowboys besides their coach getting mad. Heads on UT, Tails on Okie St. TAILS! Okie St.

ASU vs Oregon

Gangsta D: Apparently, ASU has a stingy run defense. Oregon has a nasty run offense. Something's gotta give! If Dennis Dixon can throw the ball effectively and not make mistakes, the Ducks entire offensive playbook will be opened up. However, if he makes mistakes like in the Cal game, the Sun Devils will take it. This is actually a pick 'em for me. I really don't have a strong feeling either way. But when in doubt, go with the home team with the ridiculous home field advantage. So the Ducks it is.

Da Realist: This is a pick-em for me too. I stayed up till 2am last saturday to watch ASU beat down Cal. I'll roll with them for that. ASU

Waldini: Thanks goodness the Mousketeers worked a last min deal to get the game on ESPN, well at least for those East of Nevada. ASU proved some things to me last week but I still like Oregon. Especially in Autzen stadium. Oregon

LSU vs Bama

Gangsta D: Ahh...enmity, spite, hate, vengeance, piss, vinegar, and distaste. I got a feeling there are gonna be more than one personal fouls. Let a team try to pull a "Georgia" and see what happens. That being said, I'm not sure which Bama team shows up. The one that demolished the Vols, or the one that couldn't complete a pass against FSU. Glenn Dorsey will be gimpy, if he does play. Matt Flynn still bothers me in spots. But, you can't expect John parker Wilson to throw for 340+ yds two games in a row can you? It's a low scoring slugfest, but I think LSU grits it out in the end.

Da Realist: All the pressure's on LSU. Everyone knows they're more talented. Everyone knows Les Miles wants this game badly. Maybe too much. Alabama has some playmakers I'm not sure LSU can deal with for a whole game, provided they can keep JPK upright. If the Tide keep a balanced attack, they find a way to beat LSU. ALABAMA

Waldini: I really wish this was being played at Death Valley stadium just so I could hear the Nick Satan chants on TV. It took a phenomenal performance by Andre Woodson and some mishaps by the LSU offense PLUS triple OT for LSU to lose. I dont have enough faith in John Parker Wilson to put my money on Alabama. LSU Read more!

Old School Friday - The Rhyme Animal

"My 98 boomin' with a trunk of funk. All the jealous punks can't stop the dunk." That pretty much sums up P.E. doesn't it? You couldn't stop "It Takes A Nation Of Millions..." That was one of the first rap albums I ever heard that was clean all the way through. Trust when I say that I was sick when I lost my copy in 8th grade. I felt like a prostitute without direction. Yeah, I eventually came to grips with it. But like Phife would say, it was harder than two day old shit. Anyway, on to the videos. Remember to drink a lot and act responsible this weekend.

Bring The Noise

"Cause the beats and the lines are so dope."
I've never listened to an Anthrax album, or a song for that matter, but Scott Ian will always be in my cool book because of this collabo. It was a perfect combination. The insanity of Anthrax matched with the wisdom of Chuck. Even more props are due for the decision to let Scott rhyme a couple verses. This shit just rocks from stem to stern.

Fight The Power

"Muthafuck him and John Wayne." Pretty much one of the greatest lines ever. I love this video because it's the first time that Flav breaks out his new dance. For some reason, dude was mad compelling in '89. The other reason I love this video? Gotta be the hairstyles and African medallions. Those were great times.

Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos

This song is so gangsta, Chuck doesn't even care about rhyming the first two bars. There's so much venom in his voice when he says "suckas." I was like, "Damn. This dude really hates the government." It's one of those songs that makes you wanna grab a black leather jacket, blow out your fro, and tell a person of authority to "go suck yourself."

Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos (Live)

Chuck and Zach de la Rocha on the same stage? I'm surprised that motherfucker didn't spontaneously combust.

Can't Truss it

"Wicked man. That man. That man. Kick it man."
Is it me or does Flav look more scary than usual here? I don't know what it is, but he kind of freaked me out. It's rather disconcerting when you think about all the times he's been kissed in the mouth. Actually, nauseating might be a better choice of words. Oh yeah, great song and video.

Night Of The Living Bassheads

"Shame on a brotha when he dealing, the same block where my 98 be wheeling." This was actually the first P.E. video I ever saw. And yeah, I actually thought "beeper ties" were real for a second. Hey, I was 12 and impressionable. Anyway, am I the only person that misses Chris Thomas? Can somebody give "The Mayor" some work please? What, there's no room for another black comic named Chris?

Give It Up

OK, so after "Our Greatest Misses" pretty much missed, P.E. came back a few years later to a much different rap world. The Chronic changed the game. People didn't give two fucks about social consciousness. All we wanted to hear about was guns, weed, 40's, bitches, guns, and weed. Did I mention guns and weed? So P.E.'s message kind of fell on deaf ears. It's all good though, cause I still like this joint.

Read more!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Who Ya Got ?!? (Thursday)

Winner 33-20
Loser #1 26-27
Loser #2 24-29

Gangsta D:

You guys want to even finish out the season? Lol

VT vs GT

Gangsta D: Virginia Tech is not impressive on offense. They were impressive on defense last week, for about 56 mins. GT will not have Tashard Choice, I believe, for this game. Taylor Bennett doesn't impress me. Neither does Sean Glennon or a gimpy Tyrod Taylor. So it will come down to which defense can make the most plays against an unimpressive QB. I'm going with GT because they're at home.

Waldini: VT b/c you picked GT and at this point, I have to pick the opposite of you no matter how much I disagree with my own pick.

Da Realist: I'm rolling with VT. I think they'll be ready to play after last week. Bobby Dodd stadium has never been known as a hostile environment and GT is down to their 3rd-string running back. Virginia Tech Read more!